Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Still A Hooligan After Taking My First Kiss

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“Live and let live.”

Seeing his mocking eyes, Lin Wanwan was at a loss for words. “Maybe I’ll need their help one day,” she argued.

Lu Zhanbei gave her a momentary glance. “Like letting you live when you are the one doing it next time?”

“”Can’t he just give in?


Lin Wanwan held her ground and sent him a shy but charming flash. “If we are the ones doing it”

Lu Zhanbei’s lips curled, his simper reflecting a little negligence.

“Why do we have to wait ’til next time? We can do it now.”

Lu Zhanbei took a step forward. His arm circled her waist, and his other hand locked onto the back of her head, all in preparation for giving a forceful kiss.

“No!” Lin Wanwan rattled. “Don’t overdo it. You are still trying to take advantage of me after taking my first kiss!”

First kiss?

Looking at her slightly blushing face, Lu Zhanbei felt rare emotions rumble in his chest.

“Weren’t you the one who wanted to get steamy?”

“ Didn’t you know I was joking?”

Seeing her angry stare, Lu Zhanbei didn’t want to cross the line and stopped teasing her.

“I shall leave.” He turned around and strolled away.

As he walked further, Lin Wanwan released her anger without much thinking, “Lu Zhanbei! I don’t care! I said it was a prank and I mean it. You still owe me a favor!”

Lu Zhanbei paused and turned back.

Lin Wanwan regretted it immediately after shouting those words.

What if Lu Zhanbei murders her out of rage?

Against her expectations, Lu Zhanbei nodded.



Am I hallucinating?Lin Wanwan thought to herself.Why is he so generous all of a sudden?

Lin Wanwan’s stunned look seemed to have pleased Lu Zhanbei more than anything. He grinned at her.

Looking less icy and unconcerned. His face was hopelessly attractive under the moonlight’s ambiance.


As he continued on his way, Lin Wanwan’s mood got a lot brighter. At least she kept her favor.

After getting back to her hostel, she had a good night sleep.

Imperial Capital High School did not have classes during weekends. There weren’t many students wandering around the school. Lin Wanwan took this chance to familiarize herself with its environment.

It was on Sunday noon that she received An Qian’s notice for the photoshoot.

The next day, the students had a self-studying session. They went back to school early, and the calm was restored once again.

Lin Wanwan marched alone towards the school gate, only to realize that it was packed with excited students gathered around a car.

“When did we have such a magnate in school? It seems to be the latest, limited-edition Ferrari! Looks dope!”

“It’s at least ten million dollars, provided you can get it with money in the first place.”


Hearing the exclamations from the crowd, Lin Wanwan peeked at the center of attention.

Not far away, a Ferrari rested along the road, its streamlined bodywork painted in neon blue. Under the bright sunlight, it blinded everyone.

Haiz, she herself used to own a limited edition Ferrari in her past life.

This time

Thinking about it only brought tears to her eyes.

Lin Wanwan pushed her way through of the crowd and stepped out carrying her backpack, utterly unaware of the Ferrari door opening.

Under the eyes of hundreds, a man who seemed to be a bodyguard got off and barred her way.