Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 320

Chapter 320 The Moment Of Witnessing A Miracle

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Although Lin Wanwan trusted Lu Zhanbei, seeing that there was only such a small piece of stone left, she inevitably felt a little perturbed.

Sensing her conflicted gaze, Tang Chen looked towards her. He said in a carefree yet elegant tone, “Worried?”

Lin Wanwan took a deep breath. “How can I not be worried when I’m being pursued by a god of plague like you?”

Tang Chen let out a low laugh. As everyone watched with looks of either sympathy or gloating, he took his time to change to a slightly thinner stone cutter. He placed the remaining stone on the table and cut off the surface of the stone layer by layer, like slicing an apple.

Following a series of rustling sounds, more and more stone layers fell.

The stone became smaller and smaller. Finally, it was like a watermelon.

Lin Wanwan bit her lip. A trace of nervousness appeared between her eyebrows.

Noticing her expression, Lin Siqing smiled smugly. Her eyes were obviously filled with disdain, but she continued to pretend and said in a gentle tone, “Wanwan, stop putting up a deathbed struggle. From what I see, just admit that you deliberately wanted to add trouble to us. Why yield only when you’re facing your own coffin? You will lose more face that way.”

Everyone nodded secretly. Lin Wanwan had lost a lot of face this time round. It was a pity that young Tang had to leave with a black mark now too, although he had been clever all his life.

Lin Wanwan turned a deaf ear to everyone else. Tang Chen continued to cut the stone.

Lin Siqing saw that the two of them ignored her and a trace of humiliation rose in her heart. She was about to continue her sarcastic words when


A crisp sound that accompanied Tang Chen’s lazy voice sounded at the same time. “Finally”

What finally?

Everyone was stunned. They subconsciously looked over and realized that a faint green appeared on that watermelon-sized stone!

“It turned green!” someone exclaimed.

Lin Siqing’s expression changed. “Impossible!”

Everyone swarmed towards him and surrounded him. They looked on as Tang Chen continued to cut off the skin of the stone leisurely.

Following his actions, that small piece of green gradually expanded, and the color gradually changed too.

It changed from green to yellow, and finally, red!

Someone swallowed his saliva, his eyes full of shock.

“It’s the tri-color jadeite of Fu Lu Shou!”

This tri-color jadeite, which was known as Fu Lu Shou in the industry, was extremely rare. Its price was also much more expensive than emerald green imperial jade.

Not knowing how much time had passed, Tang Chen finally finished cutting off the skin. “I’m done!”

He removed the white gloves from his hand and threw them away. He then sized up the tri-color jadeite he’d just skinned away the layers from and realized it was shaped like a mountain. The three colors were distributed evenly too. He nodded in satisfaction.

“Shape has already formed even though it has not undergone carving. It’s quite a big piece too. This should be worth quite a bit.”

“” Everyone was in a state of disorder. This was worth a bit?

It was the size of a watermelon and was tri-color. Such high-caliber jadeite might not be seen even in first-class auctions. Its price was immeasurable!

Lin Siqing glanced at this tri-color jadeite and then swept her eyes across everyone’s shocked faces. Her face was ghastly pale!

After a long period of silence, someone spoke up excitedly.

“Lin’s second daughter, I’m willing to fork out 100 million yuan. Can you sell this to me?”

“Old Yun, that’s a bit unkind. 100 million yuan to buy such a big Fu Lu Shou? If Lin’s second daughter is willing to sell this, I’m willing to fork out 150 million yuan!”

“160 million yuan!”

Tri-color jadeite was a good thing. It was rare to see it in the first place. They didn’t expect to see it in such a situation and were all fighting for it excitedly.