Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 321

Chapter 321 A Slap On The Face Every Dog Has Its Turn

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Lin Wanwan was speechless.This isnt an auction, why are they calling out bids?

On the other hand, Lin Siqings face was all pumped up. He facial muscles trembled in anger.

"Cough" Lin Wanwan cleared her throat, and her sweet voice quietened up the entire room. "Im sorry, but this is the gift I have prepared for Grandpa. Im not here to sell it!"

Hearing this, the crowd stopped fighting for it and sighed.

Lin Wanwan held the jadeite up and stepped forward to her grandpa past the crowd. Under the stares of many, she spoke in a sincere voice. "Grandpa, thank you for taking care of me all these years. In light of such a festive event, I wish you a long and healthy life! Happy birthday~"

"Great! Great! Great!" The old mans excitement was uncontainable.

The old lady on his side had a complicated look. She scanned Lin Wanwan and realized that its time she reconsidered the value of the girl whom she once thought of as a useless underling.

Lin Wanwan strolled back to Lin Siqing and smiled gently at her just like the way she did. "Sister Siqing, I dont see this as a surprise. Also, my love for Grandpa is not as superficial as you said. Love is not measured by money. You got me?"

It wasnt her style to not get revenge.

She dusted her shoulders. "The room is a little warm. Ill go out and get some fresh air."

She turned and walked out of a door. She could feel the attention of everyone in the hall without even looking around.

At that moment, she felt like she was the main character of a fantasy story. Oh my god! She was almost in love with herself!

Looking at Lin Wanwans disappearing figure, Lin Siqing recalled herself insulting Lin Wanwan just moments earlier. It was like she got a huge slap on her cheek.

When she heard the discussion around

"Tri-color jadeite, the second missy gifted it without even hesitating!"

"Compared to this, the emerald green imperial jade seems pretty worthless. Still, I am really curious about how Lin Wanwan knew about the priceless jadeite hidden in the stone."

"Isnt that simple? Ive heard that most stone gambling dens have professionals who can tell if a stone has anything special."

"I see. The second missy sure has some tricks up her sleeves. No wonder she could get Mr. Tangs heart. Lets be careful around her. It would be bad if we offend her in any way."

"I will never have the guts to offend someone whom young Tang favors!"

Listening to the flattering words, Lin Siqing was bleeding inside.

At that moment, Matriarch Lin said with a bright smile, "To be honest, I have always liked Wanwan, which is exactly the reason why I was so angry just now. Fear is what you love! However, Im glad I didnt wrong Wanwan."

She then scolded as she turned to Lin Siqing, "Siqing, your behavior today was inappropriate. As an older sister, you should be taking care of Wanwan. Do you understand?"

"" Hearing this, everyone present twitched their lips.

Lin Siqings expression was horrifying.

Lin Wanwan, this b*tch!

Why! Why is this illegitimate daughter stealing the show every single time!