Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 322

Chapter 322 Am I A Monster?

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Just wait for it, the "surprise" that she had prepared for Lin Wanwan was about to come.

She was determined to knock Lin Wanwan into hell tonight, without ever giving her the chance to crawl back!

Lin Siqing calmed herself down and secretly shot a look at Jiang Jiyue, who was standing quietly around the corner.

Jiang Jiyue nodded and made a quick exit without grabbing any attention.

Lin Siqing smirked and walked over to one of her friends. "Muwei, lets go get some fresh air."


The crowd simply thought that she was in a bad mood and didnt take the matter seriously.

The two girls walked to the pool and found Lin Wanwan relaxing on the side bench with her hands behind her head.

Lin Siqings face sank. Two pairs of eyes blazed with hatred when two enemies met.

Thinking about what was to come, Lin Siqing held herself back from giving Lin Wanwan a tight slap. "B*tch, you better get out of here right now!"

Lin Wanwan didnt even bother looking at her.


Lin Siqing was boiling with anger. Before she could spill her rage, Muwei pulled her back. "Why are you talking to her? There is no one around. We can push her into the pool and drag her out when shes half-dead!"

Lin Siqing agreed. "Lets do it."

The pair stepped towards Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan saw them in the corner of her eye but didnt move a muscle.

When the pair came close, Lin Wanwan sprang up and prepared to let them get a taste of their own medicine.

All of a sudden, a long leg wrapped in dark green pants kicked right at Lin Siqings back!


With a scream, Lin Siqing fell right into the pool.

Muwei was horrified. Before she could react, she was also in the pool with Lin Siqing.

Panicking, the girls in the pool seemed to have forgotten how to swim. They were swinging their arms around and yelling for help. It was quite a scene.

The culprit lit a cigarette between his slender fingers and glanced at the girl, who was stunned by his action.

"What are you looking at? Lets leave this place."

Lin Wanwan looked at Tang Chen and followed him away from the scene after ensuring that Lin Siqing could swim.

Even at quite some distance away, Lin Wanwan could hear Lin Siqings furious roar, "Lin Wanwan, I will never let this slip!"

The pair strolled to the garden. Tang Chen sat down on a bench right by the fountain and pointed at the space beside him. "Have a seat."

Lin Wanwan sat down about a meter away from the man.

"Tsk." Tang Chen was not so happy about that. "Lin Wanwan, am I a monster to you?"

No, you are the god of plague.

Lin Wanwan put on a smiley face. "Mr. Tang, Lu Zhanbei and you delivered and cut the stone. How did you guys have such perfect teamwork? Was it all planned?"

Tang Chen looked surprised. "He is not only my rival in love but also my greatest enemy. Why would I plan anything with him?"

Greatest enemy?

Who does he think hes lying to?

"Why do I feel like Lu Zhanbei and you are just a pair of couple in a love-hate relationship?"