Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 323

Chapter 323 Lin Wanwan Got Kidnapped

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Tang Chen raised his brows. His voice contained a hint of curiosity. "What about us? Are we in a love-hate relationship as well?"

Yo, Tang Chen sure is good with girls!

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. "Its fine if you dont want to answer. You dont have to gross me out like this."

"Do you want to know about my relationship with Lu Zhanbei?"

"Just a little curious." Lin Wanwan was honest.

As Tang Chen stared into her eyes, he suddenly closed the gap between them. The next thing Lin Wanwan knew, she was in Tang Chens arms.

Lin Wanwan resisted automatically as Tang Chen whispered by her ear, "Ill tell you the truth. My relationship with Lu Zhanbei is not as complicated as you think it is. I dont mind helping him out on small deals. However, if given a chance, I dont mind having him dead. Same goes for Lu Zhanbei."

""How is this not complicated?

Lin Wanwan asked further, "Give me an example of a time that you wanted him dead."

Tang Chens expression changed, and his tone was ambiguous. "Like when he was with you."

Lin Wanwans heart skipped a beat.

At that moment, Tang Chens phone rang. He glanced at the screen and seriousness flashed on his face before it went back to its usual composure.

"Ill go get this call. Wait for me here~" He dropped Lin Wanwan a wink before disappearing into the night.

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders and wandered around the garden. To her surprise, she found a lonely swing.

Being a child at heart, she couldnt help but take a seat.

Before she could have her fun, a shadow sprang from meters away and strong arms locked her firmly in place.

The man was powerful, and Lin Wanwan couldnt get out of his grasp.

Before she could scream for help, a handkerchief went straight for her face, and a stinging smell rushed into her lungs.


Lin Wanwan immediately held her breath, not letting any more gas into her nostrils.

Five seconds

Ten seconds

After a whole minute, just when Lin Wanwan was about to give up, the man finally let his hand loose.

Lin Wanwan was relieved. Pretending like she had passed out, she fell flat to the ground.

The man carried him in his arms and paced away. Amid the jostling, she lifted her eyes and took a peek at the mans face.

So it was him Lin Siqings boyfriend, Jiang Jiyue.

This man was sure suspicious.

He was fit and well trained in combat. Instead of an heir from a wealthy family, he was more like a soldier.

Why was he pretending to be Lin Siqings boyfriend? Was the goal to kidnap me right from the beginning?

Lin Wanwan kept her eyes closed.

Jiang Jiyue brought her into the mansion through the back door and dropped her on a bed on the second floor.

A female voice trembled with excitement. "How was it? Did it work as planned?"

Lin Wanwans eyes twitched.

Lin Siqing made her way into the room. She had changed into a green dress after the incident at the pool.

When she saw Lin Wanwan, her eyes sparked with anger. "Little b*tch, this is what you deserve!"

As she looked down at Lin Wanwans face, there was obvious jealousy in her expression.