Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 324

Chapter 324 Venomous At Heart

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"The show has yet to begin. When you wake up, I will let you know what real hell feels like. Lets see if Tang Chen will still love you. Lets see if you can still survive in the entertainment industry!"

Lin Siqing laughed like a proud victor. She turned to Jiang Jiyue standing by her side and threw him a small bottle of liquid. "Drink this. Your master sent this to help you with your sexual performance. Ill send the crowd up when you get to your business!"

Jiang Jiyue nodded without any expression.

Lin Siqing then delivered a few light slaps to Lin Wanwans face. "You should really thank me. I am helping you to make a name for yourself. How is caught seducing sisters boyfriend for a news title? Within a day, you are going to be known as the most shameless b*tch in the entire country! Haha."

She laughed hysterically as she pictured in her mind the astonishing events to come.

She could finally release the hatred that had been accumulated all this while!

Lin Siqing left the room, not forgetting to shut the door.

Jiang Jiyue sniffed the liquid in the bottle and put it to his mouth.

Just then, he saw from the corner of his eye a dark shadow leaping towards him. It was too late to react.


With a loud bang and a miserable groan, Jiang Jiyue fell to the ground.

Lin Wanwan hopped off the bed and placed the ashtray back onto the bedside table.

"Who are you to lie by my side?"

She kicked Jiang Jiyue with all her strength. Seeing no reaction from him, she finally felt at ease.

Lin Siqing sure was a venomous woman!

If she really had fallen unconscious or failed at the sneak attack on Jiang Jiyue, she would have lost everything.

"Lin Siqing"

She clenched her fist. Its decided! When she gets the chance, she would wrap Lin Siqing in a trash bag and beat her up so hard that even her mother wouldnt recognize her!

Lin Wanwan prepared to leave the room. Just as she pulled the door open, Lu Zhanbei appeared in front of her eyes.

His lips arced at a perfect angle, and his appeal was overwhelming.

"Lu Zhanbei!"

It sure was a surprise to Lin Wanwan. Looking over his shoulder, she saw an unconscious woman.

It was Lin Siqing.

"Why are you here?"

Lu Zhanbei raised his brows. "I wanted to check on the effects of the birthday gift, but instead found that you were kidnapped. Sadly, it seems like this muse needs no hero."

Lin Wanwan giggled as she glanced at Lin Siqing. "You certainly are a hero to me."

Lin Wanwan had never been known to forgive her enemies. Now that Lin Siqing had crossed the line, she was going to let her taste her own medicine.

"Ill leave her to you."

Lin Wanwan bent down and grabbed Lin Siqing by her ankles. "Eh, help me out here." It was pretty heavy for her.

Lu Zhanbei looked away in disgust. "No, its dirty."

"" Lin Wanwans lips twitched.

This guy, not only did he have OCD, but hes a clean freak as well.

She had to do it herself. After dragging Lin Siqing and Jiang Jiyue onto the bed with all her might, she messed their clothes up to make it look like a love scene.

She dusted her hands in satisfaction. "Done!"

Lu Zhanbei pinched his brows. "Thats it?"