Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 325

Chapter 325 Dont Mess With His Woman

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Lin Wanwan knew what he wanted. She sighed. "Forget it. Lin Siqing is still underage. I cant do something so immoral to her."


Lu Zhanbei was not convinced. However, under her persistence, he agreed to leave it like that.

When Lin Wanwan stepped past Lu Zhanbei, he grabbed her tightly by the wrist.

She was surprised but did not resist as she said in a rush, "Lets leave now. Muwei is coming up soon."

Lu Zhanbei glanced past her slightly blushing ears and smiled. "Right."

The pair made their exit. Just after they had left, a slim figure appeared from the shadows.

"Tsk. Petty kindness."

Tang Chen waited til the pair walked away, then entered the room.

He snapped his fingers, and a man in a black suit stepped into the room holding a silver suitcase.

Tang Chen opened the case. In it lay a dozen injection needles filled with an unknown liquid.

"New drug from the lab?"


"How is it?"

"Doctor Avison tested it on a hundred strong men. None of them could stand it."

"Good." Tang Chen took one out of the case. His fingers gently tapped the head of the needle. "Let them have a taste of it."

The man in the suit took the hint, aimed the needle at the vein on Lin Siqings arm, and pushed it right in.

With that, the whole tube of liquid was injected into Lin Siqings body.

Next, Jiang Jiyue received the same treatment. Since he was a strong man, he was given twice the dose.

Tang Chen yawned loudly. "Im getting all sleepy. Lets go."

Before he left, he studied the pair in the bed. Lin Siqing, who was deep asleep, abruptly jerked her body, and her cheeks started blushing. Tang Chen smirked. "You dont have to thank me. Just enjoy it."

His voice was calm, but his eyes were deadly.

Dont ever mess with his woman!

On the other hand, Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei strolled around the garden to ensure the smooth execution of her masterplan.

Lu Zhanbei was still holding onto her hand. Lin Wanwan felt a little embarrassed, and maybe a little shy.

"Doesnt the moon look like a huge mooncake?" She tried her best to ease the awkwardness.

Lu Zhanbei looked at the moon. "Yep, you are right. Might be one of your favorite flavors."

Lin Wanwan felt even more awkward, but for some reason, she was a little flattered at the same time.

To a woman, it was not easy to find a man who can carry any topic of conversation.

Falling in love might be easy, but living together is always a challenge.

Lu Zhanbei asked, "Are your finals coming soon?"

"Yep, its in a week."

"What do you plan to do during the one-month holiday after your exams?"

"How about traveling!" Lin Wanwan had not thought about it much, but letting herself loose in a foreign land sounded like a great idea.


"No idea. Ill leave the decision for later. If Si Han doesnt have arrangements for me, Ill go and take a break."