Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 326

Chapter 326 The Show Begins

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Lu Zhanbei nodded.

Lin Wanwan didnt continue babbling. They walked under the faint moonlight holding hands, and their shadows dragged across the pathway.

Lin Wanwan called softly, "Lu Zhanbei."


Lin Wanwan hesitated for a second. "Remember when I said that you have someone that you love? Just asking was I right?"

He didnt answer back then, so she took it as a yes.

But now, she wanted a definite answer.

At least, she wanted to know if he was still thinking of another woman while loving her.

Lu Zhanbei clenched his teeth.

Lin Wanwans question proved that he was someone special to her, but it also means that it had bothered her all this while.

However, he didnt know how to answer her.

He didnt want to lie to her, but how could she accept a man who loves two women?

If it were the other way around, Lu Zhanbei would never take that as an option.

Lin Wanwans smile faded a little as Lu Zhanbei remained silent. "Is it that hard to answer?"


Although she was still smiling, her eyes looked distant.

Lu Zhanbei felt butterflies in his stomach. He held onto her shoulders and gazed at her eyes.

"Listen to me."

He didnt want to hide the truth about Lin Xiao or his feeling towards Lin Wanwan. He wanted to leave the choice to Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan tilted her head as she waited patiently for his explanation.


Just when Lu Zhanbei finally had the courage to confess all his feelings, a scream echoed from the mansion.

Getting cut off, his expression went from all seriousness to frustration.

"Fuck!" he yelled.

"" Lu Zhanbei had always been calm and composed. It was the first time that Lin Wanwan heard him spill vulgarities. More than shock, she felt refreshed.

"Cough." Sensing her curious eyes, Lu Zhanbei felt a little embarrassed.

Lin Wanwan patted his shoulders and went back to her casual self. "The show is about to begin. We cant miss the show! Lets continue this conversation next time!"

While speaking, she sprinted towards the scene.

"Lin Wanwan!"

Lin Wanwan came to a sharp halt. Turning back, she met a pair of forbearing eyes.

"I once promised you"

Lin Wanwan stared in a daze as Lu Zhanbei continued, "I will always protect you."

Hearing this, she closed her eyes, covering the complicated emotions. "You did just as you promised."

Before Lu Zhanbei could carry on, Lin Wanwan rushed to his side and grabbed him by his hands. "Alright, its time for me to watch the show. How about you wait for me in the car?"

Lu Zhanbei tightened his grip. His pinched brows unfolded as he replied, "Ok."

He sneaked his way in here today. To not create a commotion, it was better for him not to appear.

The meeting hall on the first floor was empty. She followed the noises to the second floor and found the guests gathered outside a room, shock written on their faces.

Lin Wanwan made her way in with her slender figure.


A scream echoed in the room as Lin Wanwan finally reached the door.