Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 327

Chapter 327 What A View..

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On the messy bed, Lin Siqing was held firmly under Jiang Jiyue’s body.

Even with so many people watching, he was like a wild beast, releasing his primal instinct.

Lin Siqing was almost conscious as she tried to get him off with all her strength.

“Let go of me! How dare someone like you do this to me, I’m going to kill you!”

Everyone could see the “battle scars” on her body and the tint of blood on the bed sheet.

“This” The crowd was dumbfounded.

Lin Wanwan was as shocked as everyone else.What the hell is going on?

She was sure that Jiang Jiyue didn’t consume the bottle of liquid. This wasn’t supposed to happen

Lin Siqing seemed to have finally realized that the crowd was watching her. “Get lost! Get lost right now! It shouldn’t be me. It should be Lin Wanwan!”

Hearing this, the sympathy that arose in Lin Wanwan’s heart was gone with the wind.

Although she had no idea what happened, she reaped what she sowed.

“What is going on here?”

“Is this what Lin’s first daughter is like? Soft and caring on the outside, and a sl*t on the inside. Gross!”

“Didn’t you hear her words? I think she was trying to frame Lin Wanwan, but ended up getting herself in this situation.”

The guests got into a heated discussion.

After some time, Lin Qinghao had finally gotten a hold of the situation. After failed attempts to pull Jiang Jiyue away, he grabbed a vase and smashed his head with it.


The vase broke into pieces, and Jiang Jiyue fell to the ground.

Lin Qinghao snatched a blanket and threw it at Lin Siqing. “Cover yourself!”

Lin Siqing shivered as she hid her entire body under the blanket.

At a time like this, Lin Qinghao showed his charisma as the leader of the family.

“I’m sorry for the scene. Siqing and Jiang Jiyue are in a relationship. They are still young and weren’t able to control their emotions. With the effect of alcohol, they must have been lost in lust. I hope that everyone can forget about this.

“In a few months, my daughter Siqing will be engaged to Jiyue. I wish that everyone here can attend the engagement ceremony. Thank you for your support!”

His words clarified the situation. Although it was inappropriate, it wasn’t anything to be ashamed of.

The engagement was bringing an end to this incident, saving the pride of Lin Siqing and the whole Lin family.

“No!” Lin Siqing, who had been hiding under the blanket, let out a scream of agony. “I don’t want to marry a useless bodyguard! He is not worthy! No! I don’t want to!”

The crowd exchanged looks with one another.

Didn’t Lin Siqing say that Jiang Jiyue was an heir with an outstanding background?

Did she make it up to show off?

“Shut up!”

Lin Qinghao gave his daughter a fierce glare and turned back to the crowd.

“The engagement will proceed, but I have some urgent family matters to settle. Sorry for the trouble brought upon you, I will send my apologies next time. Butler, guide the guests out!”