Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 328

Chapter 328 A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

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Lin Qinghao had shown them the door, so the guest had no choice but to leave.

“The celebration today was quite a show!”

“I know, right! We first saw the priceless gifts, then discovered the true colors of a proud peacock. Our judgments were wrong all along. Lin Siqing is nothing compared to Lin Wanwan. She used to say that her younger sister is a disgrace to the family. I wonder who is the disgrace this time!”


These nasty words sank the matriarch’s face as she knocked the ground with her walking stick in anger.

“Sinful! This shameless girl is bringing our family down to the ground!”

Muwei, who was still at the scene, looked lost.No this was not how it was supposed to go!

Siqing had told her to bring the guests up to see Lin Wanwan and Jiang Jiyue rolling around the bed.


Lin Wanwan!

It must have been her tricks!

Muwei was smart for the first time. She searched the disappearing crowd and spotted Lin Wanwan.

It was just then that Lin Wanwan looked back.

The two girls glanced at each other.

Facing Muwei’s resentful glare, Lin Wanwan grinned.

The smile was attractive as always, yet sharp and murderous. Muwei felt a shiver down her spine.

A supposed celebration ended with a horrendous show.

Before leaving, she found her grandpa, who was sipping on a cup of tea in the living room.

“Grandpa, you’re sure composed.”

The old master looked at her, calm and gentle. “Girl, remember this. You can never change the world, but don’t let the world change you. Stay true to your roots and nothing else. Everyone has a different path to take.”


If it were from someone else, Lin Wanwan would have thought that that someone was acting mature.

But Grandpa

“Grandpa sure is wise and experienced. Wanwan pays her respect!”

It was a relieving sight that Old Master Lin was not affected at all.

While they chatted, the bawling on the second floor continued.

“Lin Siqing! You are such a shame to the family! Our name that has been built for decades is destroyed thanks to you! Qinghao, don’t hold me back! I will beat this b*tch to death!”

Lin Wanwan pretended like she didn’t hear a thing as she continued her conversation.

About ten minutes later, the old master glanced at the stairs leading to the second floor. “It’s late. You should head back. I don’t think it’s going to be a peaceful night here.”

“Alright, I will revisit you.”


Not long after she left, the matriarch came down with Lin Qinghao.

Lin Qinghao didn’t say a word as he collapsed onto the sofa and loosened his tie.

It was Matriarch Lin who looked regretful. “How could you let her go? I wanted to take the chance to repay her for all these years.”

Old Master Lin was in his own world and didn’t give any reply.

At the same time, shattering sounds came from above.

After the shattering came a frantic shriek.


Lin Siqing sat on the ground as she tore her hair with rage. Her action, coupled with her ferocious expression, made her seem like she had lost all sanity.