Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 329

Chapter 329 I'll Take It When The Flower Blossoms

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When she finally gained her sanity, she grabbed the phone and yelled, “It’s all your fault! If it weren’t for your stupid idea, I wouldn’t have ended up sleeping with a bodyguard! Now, Father wants me to marry him! It’s all your fault!”

Her voice was as sharp as a blade.

“So many people saw me doing I’m done. I’ll never be the same again. I want to die right now!”

In the end, all she could do was cry out loud.

Ignoring her crying, a gentle and feminine voice came across the phone.

“Don’t cry. I’ve heard about the incident. Let’s forget about this for now. So what if you have lost your virginity? Just think of it as being bitten by a dog. If you commit suicide, aren’t you doing Lin Wanwan a favor? Do you want Lin Wanwan to live happily ever after?”

“No!” Lin Siqing wiped the tears on her face. “Even if I’m going to hell, I will bring Lin Wanwan with me!”

The voice chuckled. “That’s right, Siqing. I’ll protect you, and I won’t forgive anyone that bullies you.”

“En” Lin Siqing gave a faint reply.

“Don’t worry. I will be back soon. I’ll avenge you when I arrive.”

On the way, Lin Wanwan sat at the passenger seat and watched quietly as Lu Zhanbei drove.

She was in a good mood after the conversation with the old master.

“Lu Zhanbei, thank you.”

The gift that he gave was valuable and appropriate. When will she ever have enough money to pay him back for the priceless jadeite?

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her. “Are you being serious?”

“Of course! Why would I lie!” Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes.

Lu Zhanbei smirked. “How would I feel your sincerity if you don’t show it through your actions?”

“Actions? Like”

Lu Zhanbei said in all seriousness, “I met a fortune-teller last night, and he told me that if a woman would warm my bed tonight, my luck will be on-point for the whole year. Would you lend me a helping hand?”

Lin Wanwan was speechless. Hehe, what was she expecting

She clicked her tongue. “Anything but that.”

“Anything?” Lu Zhanbei’s eyes sparkled with interest. “Sure.”

Does he have to be this dirty-minded?

“Lu Zhanbei, keep your mouth shut. Don’t you feel bad for wanting to destroy the country’s blooming flower[1: The young generation in China is often nicknamed ‘blooming flowers.’]?”

Lu Zhanbei laughed and suddenly said in a determined tone, “I can wait ’til the day that flower blossoms.”

Lin Wanwan turned to him.

In the dim light, the affection and love had nowhere to hide.

She felt like something in her heart had changed, and she was lost.

Before she could look away, Lu Zhanbei asked, “Lin Wanwan, will you”


“Let me pick the flower when it blossoms.”

The heat in Lu Zhanbei’s eyes was melting Lin Wanwan’s heart.

She could feel her heart pounding, and somewhere deep within came an unexplainable joy that couldn’t be contained.

Is he confessing

Or is he just flirting?

It sure was hard for Lin Wanwan to handle.