Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 330

Chapter 330 In A Heartbeat

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Lin Wanwans silence made Lu Zhanbei experience perturbation for the first time. He turned on autopilot and asked again.

"Will you?"

Lin Wanwan was timid. She sensed a hint of pleading from his voice.

She bit her lips as she met Lu Zhanbeis inviting eyes. It was an expression that infused all his sentiment and devotion.

She was moved.

"I" She felt like it was only natural to accept his love, then the conversation they had in the garden resurfaced in her mind.

Immediately, her fondness faded.

"Who knows? Its still too early for this."

Lu Zhanbei saw the change of emotions in Lin Wanwan and let out a sigh of disappointment.

He had waited until the day that Lin Wanwan developed feelings for him, and confessed.

Just as he thought, she was moved by her proposal, and almost agreed to it.

It was so close

Smart as he was, he could tell exactly what was still bugging Lin Wanwan.

Holding in his frustration, he changed the topic as if nothing had just happened.

"I have placed an order from Golden Sparrow to deliver some desserts to Yun Mansion. Do you want to come over and have some?"

He needed a chance to spill his guts.

If it were last time, there was no way Lin Wanwan would have refused. However, she wasnt in the mood today.

"No!" She pinched her brows together when she realized that her tone was rather harsh. "Sorry. I dont have an appetite today. Maybe next time."

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her. She was scratching her forehead in confusion, and her frowning expression was adorable as usual.

He didnt insist. "Ok. Up to you."

Lin Wanwan tilted her head and watched as the concrete jungle zoomed past her. Scenes kept popping up in her mind.

The chat in the garden, and his face when he confessed

Half an hour later, the car stopped at the back gate of Lin Wanwans school.

Lin Wanwan stepped out of the car, made a quick turn, and looked Lu Zhanbei in the eyes.


Watching her hesitate, Lu Zhanbei asked, "What about me?"

Lin Wanwan bit her lips and decided to leave her questions for later. "Nothing. Ill go first. Rest well. Bye."

She rushed off right after.

Lu Zhanbei watched as her figure was swallowed by the night. His lips curved as his eyes flickered with excitement.

His favorite girl was finally about to wake up.

Lin Wanwan got back to her dormitory. She tossed and turned in bed, but couldnt sleep at all. Instead, it was frustration that was brewing in her heart.

She sprang up and dialed Ruan Baoers number.

The phone rang for quite a while before it was picked up. Baoer sounded half-asleep. "Do you know that its not nice to be calling people in the middle of the night?"

"Sorry~ I didnt know that you were asleep. Another day then."

"Never mind. I cant sleep after waking up anyways. Tell me, whats wrong?" Ruan Baoer yawned.

"I couldnt fall asleep, so I wanted someone to talk to."