Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 331

Chapter 331 Jealous

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When she said that, Ruan Baoer snickered. "Who are you trying to kid? Have you encountered some relationship problems? Are they related to Luo Han or Lu Zhanbei?"

In Ruan Baoers impression, Lin Wanwan looked cute and dazed on the outside but had a strong character on the inside. Besides relationship problems, she had really not seen her troubled over other things before.

" Lu Zhanbei." After hesitating for a while, Lin Wanwan had answered truthfully.

"Oh?" Ruan Baoer became interested. "Do share more. Let me, this relationship expert, do some analysis for you!"

"Who gave you the title of a relationship expert?"

"I gave it myself. Cant I?"

Under Ruan Baoers urging, Lin Wanwan told her simply what had happened with Lu Zhanbei tonight.

"Baoer, do you think I have some mental illness? I always knew that Lu Zhanbei has someone he fancies in his heart and I never minded that. I dont know what happened today, but once I think of that woman, I couldnt ignore her. Also, I really wanted to know Lu Zhanbeis answer."

However, as to asking that question again, she couldnt do it.

After listening to Lin Wanwans words, Ruan Baoer fell into a strange silence.

"Instructor Baoer, could it be that you have fallen asleep?"

"Im here," Ruan Baoer finally responded. She smiled and said, "Sister Ball, I can figure out your problem very easily."

Lin Wanwans lips twitched. "Then tell me, whats wrong with me?"

"Its simple. Youre purely just jealous!" Ruan Baoer said the last word more forcefully.

Lin Wanwan was stunned. Jealous?

"How slow are you towards relationships? Its already so obvious, but you actually need to consult someone else? Let me tell you, you already like Mr. Lu!"

Ruan Baoers words echoed in her ears. At that moment, a flash of lightning flashed past Lin Wanwans mind. She felt that she seemed to understand, but also seemed more confused.

"I I like Lu Lu Zhanbei? When did this happen?"

Damn. She was even stuttering now.

Ruan Baoer held her forehead. This was the first time she realized there was actually such a stupid yet cute side to Lin Wanwan. "Havent you ever fallen in love before?"


"Didnt you like Luo Han? You should understand how its like to like someone then."

"Ah I didnt like him. I just wanted to fall in love and I thought Luo Han was a suitable candidate," Lin Wanwan said truthfully.

"" Ruan Baoer was speechless.

Lin Wanwans heart felt like a mess. She was a little happy and a little frightened, but mostly, she was in confusion. "Baoer, do I really like him?"

"Yes, yes, yes!"


Lin Wanwan bit her lip. She realized that ever since Lu Zhanbei confessed to her, she had indeed thought about him more. She wasnt even in the mood to pursue Luo Han anymore.

Perhaps her subconscious was also telling her that she liked Lu Zhanbei and could no longer be together with other men.

"But Im not compatible with him."

Ruan Baoer rolled her eyes. "You can handle everything with reason except relationships. Love is sudden and unstoppable. Dont think too much. As long as you admit to it readily and face it calmly, success will come when conditions are ripe."

Lin Wanwans lips twitched. "I have seen what you said in a Chicken Soup for the Soul story a few days ago."

Ruan Baoer instantly frowned. "I memorized it to use it in unexpected times. Whats wrong?!"

"Using this in unexpected times is to put on a false front?"

Slam! Ruan Baoer hung up the call as she flew into a rage out of humiliation.