Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 332

Chapter 332 Hes Really Here

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Lin Wanwan wanted to smile but could not smile. She hugged her blanket and rolled over. Facing the snow-white wall, her eyes were sluggish.

God. How could she like Lu Zhanbei? They were people from two different worlds.

However, as she thought about it, Lu Zhanbei was good-looking and had a fantastic figure. He was so rich too. The most important was that he was so good to her that he would grant whatever that was requested. He could be dirty-minded or elegant, and he could occasionally keep up with her magical brain circuit.

If she had such a boyfriend it doesnt seem too bad either?

"Heh heh." Thinking about this, Lin Wanwan held her face with both hands and smiled.

However, the next second, she shook her head sternly.


Lu Zhanbei had not said clearly whether he had someone he fancies or not. If he didnt want to give up both the white moonlight and the red rose, then she could only say to him: Goodbye!

However he was definitely not such a scumbag.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Lin Wanwan felt that she was about to explode. She rolled around in bed.

Falling in love was indeed a very troublesome matter

While she was irritated, the mobile in her hands suddenly rang. Lin Wanwan looked at the screen, disheartened.

Lu Zhanbei: "I have eaten the desserts that originally belonged to you. Orange mousse, Ladure, Souffl they all taste pretty good."

He listed out a list of desserts, as if reading out from a menu.

Lin Wanwan curled her lips and did not reply.

Just eat them! Why did he have to boast to her? Such madness.

Speaking of which, it was all his fault that she lost her appetite.

Lin Wanwan had to admit it. She did not know when it started, but Lu Zhanbeis position in her heart had already quietly surpassed desserts.


Lu Zhanbei: "I know youre not asleep yet."

Lin Wanwan continued to feign ignorance. Before calming down completely, she did not want to talk to Lu Zhanbei about anything.

In the end, he gave her a call.

Lin Wanwan decided to feign ignorance until the end and did not pick up.

The call automatically hung up. Then, Lu Zhanbei never called again.

Lin Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, she was inexplicably disappointed.

Forget it!

She pulled her blankets and prepared to sleep.

After tossing and turning for over ten minutes, Lin Wanwan finally felt a little sleepy. She was about to enter dreamland when, suddenly, a series of knocks could be heard.

Knock, knock, knock.

Lin Wanwan was shocked and sat up quickly. She was about to ask who it was when something flashed past her mind suddenly.

Could it be Lu Zhanbei?

As this thought surfaced, the mans low voice already sounded. "Lin Wanwan, open the door."

"" What the! He was really here!

Lin Wanwan hid in her blanket and shivered. She did not dare utter a sound, for fear she would be heard.

"Im going to kick open the door if you continue to feign ignorance."

"" She was just going to feign ignorance until the end.

Since he did not manage to intimidate her successfully, Lu Zhanbei could only choose the temptation route. "I brought you desserts. Really."

Even with the door separating them, Lin Wanwan could hear the helplessness in his voice.

She really wanted to shout and ask Lu Zhanbei to head back quickly. At the same time, she didnt want him to know that she was still awake.

She was not afraid of facing it. It was just that when she thought of the white moonlight in his heart, she felt depressed. It was as if a jar of vinegar was knocked over and she could even smell it herself.

All in all, she just wanted some quiet right now.

"Lin Wanwan" Lu Zhanbeis voice, which carried a trace of nervousness, traveled in. "Youre really angry?"


Actually she was only a little angry. She mainly needed time to accept the fact that she actually liked Lu Zhanbei.