Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 333

Chapter 333 Queen Forgive Me 1

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"Ok." Lu Zhanbei sighed slightly. "Ill get going then. Ill find you again when youre no longer angry."

As his words fell, Lin Wanwan heard a series of footsteps gradually drifting farther and farther away.

He really left?

Lin Wanwan slipped on her slippers and climbed out of bed. Her heart was full of resentment.

If Lu Zhanbei really became her boyfriend, based on this attitude of his, she would definitely give him a very bad rating!

She wanted to open the door, but since he was already gone, why should she bother to do a stupid thing like admiring his back view?

She was planning to head back when she suddenly saw from the corner of her eye a piece of paper slipping in from under the door.


Lin Wanwan found it amusing and annoying at the same time. So it turned out that this man wanted to trick her. Thankfully, she was witty and did not fall for it.

She squatted down and looked at the contents on the paper.

As she looked, she nearly laughed out loud.

There was a drawing on the paper.

It was obviously a mini version of Lu Zhanbei, who was standing under the moon that was shining brightly. There was a sad expression on his face, and a line of words was written inside the speech bubble.

"What do I do if my girlfriend is angry? Who can tell me the answer?"

Lin Wanwan covered her mouth tightly, for fear that she would accidentally laugh out loud.

She could not tell that there was actually such a cute side to him.

Although this move of Lu Zhanbei had gotten to Lin Wanwan, she still did not have the intention to open the door.

At this point in time, Lu Zhanbei was seated outside the door. He did not care that the ground was full of dust and just casually leaned against the door. As he lazily crossed his long legs, he started to draw.

Following a series of rustling sounds, his lips curved up slightly. It softened his cold look and he looked alive.

Very quickly, the second piece of paper slipped in. There was a line of words on it.

"I have liked a girl for a very long time."

Lin Wanwan blinked. A little expectation and a hint of nervousness flashed past her mind.

It was the third piece of paper next. A figure of Lin Wanwan was drawn on it, and the style was a little exaggerated.

She was wearing an especially dreamlike dress and a crown. She was holding a fairy stick. Matching the stars that were shining brightly around her, she looked just like a fairy.

A line of words accompanied it: "In the heart of the fans, she looked like this."


Lin Wanwan smiled until her eyebrows curved. She felt sweetness in her heart.

Then, in his heart, how did she look like?

Unknowingly, Lin Wanwan completely forgot about the original intention of not opening the door. She only wanted to know what Lu Zhanbei will draw.

Lu Zhanbei looked back at the door that was still tightly shut. He could only continue to write helplessly.

The fourth piece of paper arrived.

Lin Wanwan could not be bothered feigning ignorance anymore. As Lu Zhanbei slipped in the paper, she immediately picked it up.

There were no drawings on this piece, but only a few lines of beautiful writing.

"In my heart, shes an occasionally stubborn and ignorant little girl. Shes impulsive and does not consider the consequences at all. Oh right, I dont know if its because of her young age or that she didnt undergo puberty well, but theres a huge room of improvement for some aspects. I have also been suggesting to her to eat more food that can boost puberty."


Damn. To think she was looking forward to this for so long. This man actually gave her this?

Lin Wanwan suppressed the anger in her and continued to read it.

"Also, shes someone who gives up halfway very easily. Every time she seduces me, she would stop inexplicably. I suspect shes trying to let me off first in order to catch me later."


What nonsense! When did she seduce him? She was obviously just teasing!

Lin Wanwan forced herself to finish reading the last line.

"But what do I do? I just like her this way. I hope that she would finish what she started next time."