Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 334

Chapter 334 Queen Forgive Me 2

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Lin Wanwan no longer had the energy to complain. So that was her image in Lu Zhanbeis heart.

Even with the thick door separating them, Lu Zhanbei could sense her resentment. The curvature of his lips deepened, and the sketch pen moved quickly on the white paper again.

The fifth piece.

Lin Wanwan looked at it dejectedly and immediately widened her eyes.

Both Lu Zhanbei and herself were drawn on this piece of paper.

Her figure was wearing a white wedding dress and carrying a bouquet of flowers in her hands. Lu Zhanbeis figure was wearing a suit and lifting her veil.

Although the drawing was relatively simpler, the romantic and blissful atmosphere stood out more vividly than the paper.

"Finally, I just want to tell her: I will try my best for her to become my only bride."

Lin Wanwan died.

She felt like she was given a sweet date after a slap by Lu Zhanbei.

Had he thought too far ahead? She had yet to promise to his confession, but he was actually thinking about marriage already.

At this moment, Lu Zhanbeis voice sounded. In the dark night, that low voice of his was even more seductive.

"The last piece."

After saying this, he slipped in the sixth piece of paper.

Lin Wanwan received it over and looked at it. She could no longer hold back.


She laughed and sat on the floor, holding on to the paper with a drawing tightly in her hands.

A figure of Lin Wanwan was wearing an afro hairstyle and sitting grandly on the chair. She was also holding a spiked club in her hands.

Lu Zhanbei was lying weakly on the ground and had a pitiful expression. There was a line of words in the speech bubble.

"Queen, forgive me."

"Hahaha!" Lin Wanwan nearly laughed herself to death, and nearly died from Lu Zhanbeis cuteness. He must have grown up eating cuteness.

Listening to the pleasant laughter from inside, Lu Zhanbei, who was outside the door, heaved a sigh of relief, as if he had just gotten rid of a burden.

Gu Mo, who was standing not too far away keeping a lookout, secretly looked at his boss. As the cold air blew towards him, he felt lonely and cold.

He had dragged him out of his bed late at night. Now, he was letting him, a single man, look at him pursue a girl. How inhumane!

However, speaking of which, Sir was really unscrupulous when it came to getting a beautys smile. When did he learn how to draw?

Moreover, it was not some high-standard national painting or oil painting that he learned, but this kind of cutesy comic that would satisfy young girls fully.

When he thought of Sir drawing such works elegantly, Gu Mo shivered.

After Lin Wanwan finished laughing, she coughed and said, "Lu Zhanbei, pass me the pen."

"" He coordinated with her and slipped in the sketch pen.

Lin Wanwan bit her lip and thought about it. In the end, she wrote a line of words on the last drawing.


As she slipped it out, Lu Zhanbei immediately grabbed it.

When he read the line of words Lin Wanwan had written, his heart immediately beat rapidly.

"As long as youre willing to wait a little longer and promise her that she would be your one and only forever, that flower would belong to you sooner or later."

Lu Zhanbei stood up and looked at the hostel door. His eyes were exceptionally deep, as if trying to see her face through this door.

"Lin Wanwan." After calling her name for so many times, it was only this time that it was extremely affectionate.

It was as if Lin Wanwan, who was already blushing, was running a fever. Even the tip of her ears were completely red.

She tried her best to act nonchalant and asked, "What?"

"If you open the door now, I will definitely finish what you used to do that you often give up halfway easily."

"" So direct?

She would not open the door for a wolf.

Lin Wanwan slapped her cheeks and tried her best to calm down. "Its late. Quickly head back and rest!"