Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 335

Chapter 335 Her Heart Has Already Promised Me

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Lu Zhanbei replied lightly, “Ok, then I’ll get going.”

“Ok, goodnight.”


Lin Wanwan thought that this would be it. In the end, after walking for a few steps, Lu Zhanbei suddenly asked again, “Are you really not opening the door to let me kiss you?”

Heh heh! She had never seen such a man who chased people with no moral integrity!

Lin Wanwan did not say anything. She climbed into bed and pulled the blankets, covering her face that was flushed red.

“I’ll get going then.” There was a trace of regret in Lu Zhanbei’s voice.

In the car, Gu Mo, who had been following him, glanced at his highly-curved lips and could not help but ask, “What did Ms. Lin say to you?”

“She promised me.”

“Oh what? Promised! Is this real or fake?”

Gu Mo was first shocked, then enlightened. No wonder Sir was smiling like a flower.


He could tell that Sir was indeed in a good mood as he was even cracking jokes.

“Since it’s fake, why are you laughing so” Agitatedly?

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips and smiled. His black pupils, which were always restrained and quiet, were like starry skies now. They were so dazzling that people dared not look at him straight in the eye.

“Because her heart has already promised me.”

Lu Zhanbei was right. Lin Wanwan had indeed already accepted him.

What happened tonight had made her see Lu Zhanbei’s sincerity. She suddenly did not want to be calculative towards that Ms. White Moonlight anymore. Who didn’t have any past?

As long as the current Lu Zhanbei was willing to be good to her forever, and not two-time or have a change of heart, she was also willing to abandon her worries and get into a relationship with him, which would not end up in breakups.

Love was not only sudden and unstoppable, but it must also be accepted naturally.

As to why she didn’t promise him directly

Cough. She was a reserved girl. How could she be pursued by Lu Zhanbei so easily?

Ok, actually she just wanted to see if he still had new tricks of picking up girls.

After a good night’s sleep

She did not know if it was because she had seen the light, but Lin Wanwan slept very well that night and even had sweet dreams.

The next morning, she invested herself in homework.

Word about Lin Siqing’s scandal did not spread in school. However, she personally applied for indefinite leave of absence from the school.

In the blink of an eye, the final exams were approaching.

During this period, Yu Xi did not arrange any filming plans for her. Even Lu Zhanbei didn’t ask her out and only sent her messages daily to ask how she was.

To Lin Wanwan, the exams were stress-free.

The two-day final exams ended. All the students were in low spirits. As they exited from the examination hall, they started to discuss fervently and complain.

“The questions this time round were all so difficult. I have no confidence I’ll pass”

“Yes, especially Mathematics. There are a few big questions that I can’t do. I hope I can get at least 80 marks. If not, my mother will definitely give me a beating!”


Hearing these, Lin Wanwan blinked her eyes in confusion.

Were they difficult? To think that she thought the questions this time around were simple. As she thought how she was no longer a fool now, she was also embarrassed to score only a passing mark. Thus, she controlled her score to be around 90 marks.

“Wanwan, how was it?” the class leader sitting in front of Lin Wanwan asked.

Lin Wanwan smiled. “Just alright. You?”

“I just estimated it myself. Each subject should be able to hit 97 or 98 marks.”

Lin Wanwan was speechless. “”

The class leader was a top student who was first in class and top three in the grade. She could only get to such standards. Would it be too conspicuous to control her marks at around 90?