Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 336

Chapter 336 Trying To Be A Hooligan In Broad Daylight

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Lin Wanwan returned to the hostel worriedly. As she sat down, she received Lu Zhanbei’s call.

“Finished the exams?”

“Did you put a monitor on me? Why is it that you’re asking immediately after I’ve finished them?”

Lu Zhanbei teased, “Don’t be lame. You can understand it as our hearts are closely linked.”

“” This was even more lame!

“How was it?”

“Ah” Lin Wanwan didn’t know how to answer.

“Not good?”

“It’s not that it’s not good. I’m just worried I might have scored too well.”

Lu Zhanbei said matter-of-factly, “Don’t say this in front of your classmates. They would want to beat you up.”

Lin Wanwan gleefully threw back her head. “I understand. People are always jealous of geniuses.”

Lu Zhanbei said, “In terms of narcissism, you’re indeed a genius.”

Where was the true love he talked about?!

Lin Wanwan hung up the call angrily. She waited for a long time, but Lu Zhanbei did not return the call. She was so angry she snorted.

Gone were the good old days. Why was she treated so badly now?

Lin Wanwan walked out of the school gate with a stomach full of grievances. She was walking slowly along a small road lined with trees, on her way to the production team for filming.

Suddenly, a car stopped by her side. She tilted her head and saw that luxurious sign. She could not help but blink.

The car windows slowly rolled down. A man’s half-angled handsome face was revealed. “Get in.”

Lin Wanwan pulled open the car door and got into the assistant driver’s seat. She lifted her chin proudly. “Why are you here?”

Lu Zhanbei looked at her and said teasingly, “I felt that someone was scolding me. I was so afraid, so I rushed over.”

“Cough cough cough”

Lu Zhanbei laughed and patted her back.

Lin Wanwan waved her hands and wanted to say something when she was suddenly hugged. Her whole face was buried in the man’s chest.

She didn’t struggle this time, but was just a little shy. “Why? Trying to be a hooligan in broad daylight?”

Lu Zhanbei rested his chin on her shoulder. His warm breath was like a breeze sweeping through her ear. “Did you miss me these past few days?”

Lin Wanwan felt her ears had gone numb, and her face was stained red subconsciously. She pretended to be calm and shook her head. “No!”

Lu Zhanbei sneered. His laughter was low and deep yet gentle as he said, “But I missed you a lot.”

Lin Wanwan’s blushing face immediately turned into a small tomato. She did not even know where she should place her hands and legs.


Lu Zhanbei’s madness was increasing by the day. He was so gentle. She was not used to it!

All kinds of scenarios flashed past her heart. Lin Wanwan pretended to be forgiving and waved her hand. “Then continue to miss. I allow you to miss me.”

Ever since that night, the chemistry and ambiguousness between a pair of lovers became more developed between Lu Zhanbei and herself. It was as if that thin window paper would break any time.

Lu Zhanbei released her and helped her to tuck in a strand of hair behind her ear. “Going to the production team?”


Lin Wanwan saw that he had recovered his graceful and elegant self, and she once again sighed at how fast this man could change his face so quickly.

Sensing her sizing him up, Lu Zhanbei curved his lips happily. “Have you arranged anything for your holidays?”

“I’ve asked Si Han. He said I have a half-a-month break. I can go for a trip anytime. What do you think about the tulip flowers in the Netherlands? I have long wanted to go there and take a look!”

In her previous life, a few days before the car accident, she had shared with Si Han and Luo Han about her own travel plans. One of the stops was Netherlands.

A trace of darkness flashed past Lu Zhanbei’s eyes. “Alone?”

“Yes.” Lin Wanwan did not notice the change in his eyes.