Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 337

Chapter 337 I Want You

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Lu Zhanbei did not say anything again. He rubbed his thin lips tightly.

Although Lin Wanwan had already started to accept him, Lu Zhanbei knew that to her, he was only someone she had a good impression of. She might have liked him a little, but he was not indispensable.

At the very least, Lin Wanwan did not like him to the extent that she was willing to integrate him into every chapter of her life yet.

Lu Zhanbei subconsciously tightened his hold on the hand holding the steering wheel. A dangerous wave of light flashed past his phoenixes but quickly disappeared again.

Dont rush. Take it slow.

An outstanding hunter would have enough patience to let his prey fall into the net willingly.

As they reached the filming location, Lin Wanwan was about to get off the car and leave when he grabbed her wrist.

"When youre back from your trip, remember to get me a present."

Lin Wanwan smiled. "Ok, what do you want?"



Lu Zhanbei finished saying the rest of the words without a hitch. "As long as its something you bought, Ill like it."

Lin Wanwan gave him a look. "Ill casually pick up a stone and give it to you then."

"Thats fine too." Lu Zhanbei released her and casually waved. He watched her figure until it disappeared.

Before the teacher announced the holidays, Lin Wanwan filmed all her remaining scenes at one go.

She declined Yu Xis good intentions to hold a celebration banquet and was packing her things when Luo Han suddenly walked over.

"Are you free the next few days?"

Seeing him, Lin Wanwan was very glad that she did not manage to confess to him previously. If not, she would have died from embarrassment.

"Is anything the matter?"

"I said I would treat you to a meal the last time."

Lin Wanwan thought about it and there was indeed such a matter. "Im going on a holiday soon and plan to travel overseas. Regarding the meal, wait until Im back."

"Ok." Luo Han nodded. He was about to leave when he suddenly thought about something. "How are you with him recently?"

Lin Wanwan was slightly awkward and asked the obvious, "What how?"

Luo Han looked at her and saw that the usually unconcerned girls fair-skinned face was stained red. She was so beautiful that he was lost in her charm.

"Nothing. Ill get going first."

"Ok, byebye!"

Lin Wanwan packed her things and chatted with Yu Xi and the rest for a while. Finally, she left gracefully even though many staff personnel asked her to stay as they couldnt bear to part with her.

"Hello, My Sunshine" was well received since its launch.

The male and female leads acting skills were superb. Lin Wanwan was one of the surprises, and there was also Luo Han to hold the fort, thus the ratings have been steadily at the top for shows in the same time belt.

According to the development, it was estimated that Mo Jun, who was played by Luo Han, would die for Ming Mei a week later.

At that time, Luo Hans fan base was very likely to rip her up into pieces.

Lin Wanwan felt that her plan to travel overseas was really too appropriate, as she could also use this opportunity to lie low.

After she filmed this television drama, the results for the final exams went out as well.

What Lin Wanwan was worried about did not happen. Although the questions were more difficult, she scored fairly well. However, Imperial Capital High School was a place full of top students. Every difference in marks could make a large difference in the rankings.

Lin Wanwan was ranked 150 in the grade.

Her progress had shocked many people. Thankfully, everyone noticed how she had often studied hard and very quickly accepted that efforts do pay off.

After announcing the results, the school announced that it was the holidays.

The entire Imperial Capital High School was in an uproar. Students laughter could be heard everywhere. Every young face was full of joy.