Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 338

Chapter 338 Lin Wanwan Can Only Be Pampered

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Lin Wanwan returned to the condominium to pack her things. Ruan Baoer surrounded her and could not stop chattering.

"Youre planning to travel? Alone?"

"Of course!"

"What about Mr. Lu?"

Lin Wanwan was stunned. Then, she shrugged her shoulders indifferently. "Even if Im really together with him, personal space is very important too. Being together doesnt mean we have to be like a conjoined baby."

Ruan Baoer touched her chin. "He didnt suggest to accompany you?"

"No." Speaking of this, Lin Wanwan became more satisfied with Lu Zhanbei.

He was handsome, had a good figure, and was rich. Now there was another pro he was not clingy.


Ruan Baoer looked at her fangirl look and cast a meaningful smile. "Ignorant young girl, let me give you a piece of advice."


"If you do not die in silence, then you will only go through metamorphosis in silence."

Very obviously, Lu Zhanbei belonged to the latter.

Lin Wanwan felt unable to comprehend. "What do you mean?"

Ruan Baoer threw her a look that said it could only be sensed and not explained, then swayed back to the bedroom.

"Crazy!" Lin Wanwan pouted and continued to pack.

The next day, she boarded a plane and headed to the Netherlands.

At the same time, in the luxurious car outside the airport, Mo Chen held his chin with both hands and looked at the calm man next to him. "Brother Zhanbei, I think theres a very apt term to describe you right now."


Mo Chen said word by word, "Love. Fool."

Lu Zhanbei finally looked at him mercifully and took out a check that had already been written from his wallet. He started to tear it slowly.

"Say it again?"

Mo Chen was silent for a few seconds. Then he pounced and hugged Lu Zhanbeis thigh and smiled with flattery.

"Brother, your love for Lin Wanwan is deeper than the sea and higher than the sky. Even a sacred lover could not be compared to you. Im so proud of you, and Im determined to be a passionate lover like you!"

Lu Zhanbei patted his head and half-laughed. "You did quite a good job sucking up to me."

"Then my check"

Lu Zhanbei tossed over the few pieces of the torn check and said, "Go back and stick them yourself."

" Why cant you write another check?"


It was just filling in a few numbers. How tiring could that be?

He had chased after Lin Wanwan and came to the airport early in the morning like a love fool. Why was he not tired?

It was the typical case of forgetting about brotherhood when there was a woman in the picture!

Regardless of how much Mo Chen complained in his heart, he had no choice but to carefully place the check into his pocket.

Seeing Lu Zhanbei raise his head slightly and looking at the sky above him in a certain direction, Mo Chen could not help but give a tsk.

"If you were willing to take out the charm you had that year, when you pointed a gun at your fathers head and said you wanted to kill him, Lin Wanwan would have long been yours."

Lu Zhanbei shook his head. "Its different."

"How different?"

As he had grown up together with Lu Zhanbei, Mo Chen knew he was not someone kind. When he was underage, he dared to point a gun at his own fathers head, and he wasnt joking about it.

A heart full of madness was hidden under his elegant appearance.

This was the case for generations of men in the Lu family.

Lu Zhanbei closed his eyes. That frightful presence was lost and his elegant and handsome face was softened with gentleness. "Its ok for someone else. If I do that to Lin Wanwan, I will only push her further away."

Mo Chen understood it instantly. This meant that violent coercion could be used on others, but only Lin Wanwan had to be pampered.

Oh, thankfully, Brother Zhanbei was not born in the ancient times. If he were, he would definitely be the kind of fatuous and self-indulgent ruler who only wanted the beauty and not the world.