Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Why Are You Here?

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“Then what do you plan to do? Continue to be a love fool oh, no, continue to wait?”

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes slightly. “I have my own way. Even if I tell you, you wouldn’t understand.”

Seeing Mo Chen’s depressed face, he smiled lightly and added, “When you have a woman you want to marry, you would naturally learn about such stuff without a teacher.”

“” Mo Chen felt that he was shot in the knees.

“Oh, I forgot. You can’t get married.”

“” What a way to attack him with sarcasm!

Mo Chen turned his face away in anger and ignored him.

Lu Zhanbei smiled silently and took out his mobile to call Gu Mo. “Arrange a flight to the Netherlands immediately. I will set off half an hour later.”

The capital of the Netherlands.

Lin Wanwan was wearing a bohemian dress and a white hat. Behind the sunglasses, her eyes were filled with excitement and eagerness to have a try at everything.

Here, no one recognized a small-time actress like her. She could do whatever she wanted to her heart’s content.

After resting in the hotel for a night, she rushed to the flower field near the village excitedly with her camera the next day.

From afar, she saw there were many people surrounding the flower field. Everyone was taking photos as mementos in an orderly manner.

As she walked nearer, she could not see the end of the whole field of tulips, which were shaped like wine cups. Golden yellow, pink, dark blue, silver-white the different-colored flowers drifted in the wind and gave off an intoxicating aroma.

It was too beautiful to be absorbed all at once!

If Lu Zhanbei saw such a beautiful place, he would definitely have liked it too. If she had known earlier, she would have brought him along too.

“Yoohoo!” Lin Wanwan cheered and ran over with brisk footsteps.

She calmed down only after she nearly filled up a whole memory card with photos. She quickly moved over to another flower field.

The maintenance of this field was not as exquisite as the previous ones. However, tourists could pluck the tulips at will.

Lin Wanwan plucked a yellow tulip, tucked it behind her ear, and continued to take photos.

“Hi, Lin Wanwan.”

Suddenly, she felt someone patting her shoulder. Lin Wanwan, who was taking a photo of a flower at close range, was shocked, and her conditioned reflexes led her to turn around and retreat.

As she retreated too quickly, she staggered. Seeing as she was about to fall, an arm had thankfully reached out horizontally out of nowhere and grabbed her waist lightly.

“Be careful.” Unprepared, Lin Wanwan entered a man’s embrace.

“Thank you.” As she lifted her head, her mouth widened in surprise. “Luo Han why are you here?”

Luo Han was dressed casually. He lacked the usual coldness and sharpness and was more gentle and refined. As he smiled slightly, that masculine face was even more seductive.

“I have long wanted to come here for travel. Just perfect, there wasn’t anything for me recently. I didn’t expect you would be here too. We are still quite fated.”

Hearing the word “fate”, Lin Wanwan was slightly embarrassed. “Didn’t I tell you before that I was going to travel? The scenery here is not bad. I have also long wanted to come here to take a look.”


“Since we’re so fated, let’s take a walk together, shall we?”


The two of them took a stroll along the flower field and chatted casually as they walked.

Luo Han was not a talkative person. Thankfully, Lin Wanwan understood him and used movies as an ice-breaker. They chatted about the history of contemporary movies and their development, and there weren’t any awkward silences.

Out of nowhere, Luo Han asked, “Why have you chosen to come to the Netherlands?”

Why? Of course it was to fulfill the wish of her previous life. However, she couldn’t say such truth to him.

“I’m currently a young girl. I feel that there’s an especially romantic fairytale atmosphere in flower fields, and they wake up the young girl’s heart in me.”