Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Obsession

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Before Tang Chen could say a word, Lin Wanwan blurted out next, “Mr. Tang, I didn’t know that you are in love with Lu Zhanbei. I’m really sorry about that.”

Tang Chen’s lips trembled a little.

“Come here,” he signaled Lin Wanwan with a flirtatious gesture.

Lin Wanwan acted as if she didn’t hear a thing.

Suddenly, she felt a warm arm around her waist. Before she knew it, she was being cuddled like a baby. The scent of tobacco surrounded her.

Before she could react, Tang Chen gently lifted her chin. He could see his own reflection getting closer and closer through Lin Wanwan’s appalled eyes.

The second before their lips were to meet, Lin Wanwan subconsciously lowered her head.

A kiss landed on her silky hair.

“Let go of me!”

Lin Wanwan shook him off and patted her head as if she was comforting her hair. She turned and glared at Tang Chen with burning flames in her eyes. “Tang Chen, have you lost your mind? What the hell were you trying to do!”

Tang Chen ran the tip of his tongue across his lips. A simple action, yet so deadly seductive.

His moon-like eyes were so affectionate, as if she were the only one in this world that could bring him contentment.

“Rather than answering your question, I would prefer showing you through action. I believe you know who the person that I truly love is.”

Jesus, bless me!

Lin Wanwan had to offer some prayer to calm herself down. She suggested from the bottom of her heart, “You should be an actor, the top actor award is waiting for you.”

Tang Chen gazed at her with innocent eyes. “You think that I’m acting?”

“Uh huh?”

Lin Wanwan tapped his shoulder with pity.

“Since you already know that I’ve been acting dumb, you should stop treating me like before. If not, it’s going to be you who’ll look dumb.”

Tang Chen glanced at her little paw on his broad shoulders. After a moment of silence, he raised his brows and smirked. “Ms. Lin is more direct than I thought.”

He did not expect her to be so truthful with him.

“However, were you scared that I would tell everyone about your acting in the past?”

Lin Wanwan switched back to her kiddish self in the blink of an eye. Her face looked ignorant like a baby.

“Oh, no! I’m so scared But Uncle Tang, I am medically proven to be ‘dumb,’ do you have any evidence to prove me wrong? Or do you want to have an acting showdown? Don’t scare me like this, I’m still a child~”

Is she challenging me?


Meeting her cunning eyes head-on, Tang Chen let out a sly smirk.

“I’ve got CCTV in my car.”

“” It’s Lin Wanwan’s turn to be dumbfounded.

Tang Chen switched up his tone all of a sudden, “Don’t worry, I will keep it a secret for you, but only under one condition.”

“What is it?”

“Be my girlfriend.”

Lin Wanwan took a swift look at his face. She clearly knew that by no means would Tang Chen actually love her. Suspicion elevated from within, but she did not let it show.

“Give me some time to consider.”


It was a quiet ride for the rest of the journey.

When they finally arrived at a famous shooting location, Tang Chen asked lacklusterly, “So, are you ready to give me an answer?”


Lin Wanwan got off the car and gave him a broad smile. For a moment, Tang Chen was lost in her charm.

“You’ll have a chance to chase me. If you manage to impress me, I’ll gladly be your girlfriend. If not, I guess it’s God telling us no.”

Tang Chen’s laughter was brittle. “Impress you?”

“That’s right. Here’s a piece of advice for you. If you ever try to compel me like how you did today, you are just going to look less appealing to me.”

Staring after her fading silhouette, Tang Chen mumbled to himself, “What a smart Alec.”

Impress her?he thought.

Although I’ve never tried to impress a girl before, it sure sounds interesting