Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 340

Chapter 340 A Sneaky Silhouette

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Upon hearing this, Luo Han became a little absent-minded. He had asked Lin Xiao a similar question before.

Shed said: "Although Im old, Im still a young girl at heart. I like those sweet dreamlike things. They can maintain the young girls heart in me!"

Si Han complained back then and was beaten up by her.

"Luo Han, what are you thinking of?"

Lin Wanwans voice pulled back Luo Hans thoughts. He lifted his head and had on a complicated look. "Actually, youre quite similar to her."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. She very quickly understood who this "her" thats being referred to was. However, she asked the obvious, "Who?"

"Lin Xiao." A layer of haze flashed past Luo Hans eyes.

Lin Wanwan tilted her head and felt that the atmosphere around him suddenly became sullen. Her lips curved and she said half-jokingly, "Luo Han, have you heard of previous and present life? Perhaps I was Lin Xiao in my previous life. After she died, she reincarnated and became the current Lin Wanwan."

Luo Han smiled at what she said. His eyes softened. "Impossible. Even if theres reincarnation, you couldnt be seventeen years old now."

Scoff! Did he have to be so serious about it?

Lin Wanwan no longer continued this topic. As she walked forward, she plucked different-colored tulips and made a bouquet. She lowered her head and smelled them.

At this moment, a butterfly suddenly flew over. It initially wanted to land in the middle of the flower. However, it suddenly changed directions and chose to stop at the tip of Lin Wanwans nose.

Lin Wanwan didnt move. Her lips curved up slightly and she gently exhaled to blow its small wings.

A young girl carrying a bouquet of tulips and a colorful butterfly matched with her expression, the picture was beautiful and alive.


Luo Han subconsciously raised the SLR in his hands and captured this scene.

There was a good saying: You stand on the bridge to see the scenery, the person seeing the scenery was watching you from upstairs.

Luo Han, who was focusing on taking photos, did not realize that a figure was sneakily pointing his mobile at him not too far away.

Before Lin Wanwan could look over, he immediately squatted down and excitedly looked at the photos he had just taken.

He didnt expect that he could come across such a big news by chance when on a holiday. He was really doggone lucky!

Luo Han was actually dating Lin Wanwan!

He was going to send the photos to his chief editor later. He would definitely get a generous bonus!

Clueless, Lin Wanwan walked over to Luo Han. "Are you taking photos of me?"

Luo Han showed her the photos he had taken. "Take a look. See how they are."

"Nice. You can even use them to take part in competitions." After appreciating them for a while, Lin Wanwan expressed absolute satisfaction. She raised her eyebrows smugly. "The most important is that the models good-looking!"

It was rare for Luo Han to have such a cheerful countenance. He let out a low laugh.

She and Lin Xiao were really similar. Even this self-confidence was exactly the same.

Lin Wanwan was tired after having fun for half a day. She stayed at a different hotel from Luo Han and, thus, left by a taxi first.

After returning to her room, she lay weak and limp on the bed.

"So tired" This bodys physical strength was really in a bad condition.

Lin Wanwan lay down for a while. After that, she climbed up with difficulty to call for takeouts.

The speed of a five-star hotel was really fast. However, it was a pity that the speed and the quality were often not proportional.

"Spit spit spit!" After taking a bite, Lin Wanwan spit it out in disdain.

She saw before that the menu had some specialties from Xia country and, thus, ordered some dishes. She didnt expect that the taste would be so difficult to describe in words.

Lin Wanwan completely lost her appetite. After showering, she lay on the bed and watched TV. The more she watched, the more bored she felt. She took out her mobile and played some games.

After playing for a while, she suddenly thought of Lu Zhanbei. She didnt know what he was doing now

Ah, why dont she ask and find out?