Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 342

Chapter 342 Why Was This Man So Good To Her

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However, it was not the waiter standing outside the door but

"Lu Zhanbei!" She reacted only after a few seconds, and she looked stunned and surprised.

She wanted to ask him why he was here, but Lu Zhanbei had already curved his lips up slightly and said with a soft and warm smile, "I figured that you were missing me. So I came here and also brought along some condolences for you."

After saying this, he shook the food bag in his hands.

Lin Wanwan could not find words to describe how touched she was feeling at that moment.

"Lu Zhanbei!" She pounced over fiercely and grabbed his waist. She rubbed against his firm chest like a spoiled child.

Why was this man so good to her? He was so good that she felt like she must marry him.

Lu Zhanbei was enjoying the rare moment of her flinging herself into his arms and was about to hug her back when, the next second, the young girl in his embrace suddenly stepped back. She glared at him sternly and said, "This is not right!"

"Whats wrong?"

"It takes a long time to fly from Xia country to the Netherlands. How could you rush over in such a short period of time? Unless" Lin Wanwan glared at him and placed both hands on her hips. "Lu Zhanbei, have you been following me all the way here? Secretly monitoring my movements and planning such an evil surprise?"

Spot on.

It was just that

"Theres an evil surprise?"

"A surprise planned by an evil person is evil. You actually secretly followed me. Thats too much!"

Lin Wanwan threw back her head fiercely, turned around, and walked in.

Seeing that her expression tightened and she was obviously angry, Lu Zhanbeis expression changed slightly and he immediately pulled her hand.

Lin Wanwan avoided it with sharp eyes and agile movements. Hed thought that he would not be able to grab onto her hand. Whod have known that she merely changed the direction of her hands movement and then took the initiative to place it in his palm. She also gave him a cute smile.

"However, on account that you traveled all the way here to give me condolences, I forgive you! Is this enough of a surprise?"

Lu Zhanbei held his forehead helplessly. He was actually defeated by a young girl.

Lin Wanwan opened the food bag Lu Zhanbei brought over and realized that it was full of the dishes she had listed previously.

Chicken with chili sauce, braised pork ribs

She suppressed how moved she felt in her heart and looked at Lu Zhanbei. "These are deliveries from Yu Ji right? Could it be that you brought these prohibited items up the plane?"

Lu Zhanbei gave her a look of disdain, as if wondering how stupid could she be, and said, "Dont you know theres something called chain stores in this world?"

"" Damn. She just played him once. Now, he actually learned how to wait for an opportunity to retaliate!

Lin Wanwan snorted and concentrated on eating.

It was still the original recipe and taste. She never would have thought that home-cooked dishes could be so fragrant.

After eating her fill, Lin Wanwan lay on the bed, satisfied. From the corner of her eye, she looked at Lu Zhanbei, who was currently sitting on the sofa, drinking coffee.

"Are you busy these few days?"

"When I want to be busy, Ill be busy. If I dont want to be busy, Im not busy." Lu Zhanbei was close to saying directly that if she was willing, he could be summoned 24 hours a day.

Although he didnt say out loud what he meant, Lin Wanwan understood. She rubbed her lips and secretly laughed. Then, she said in all seriousness, "I suddenly feel that its very boring to be traveling alone. Nobody is there to carry my bags when shopping. If youre free cough, why dont we play together for a few days here?"

Lu Zhanbeis look was even more serious than hers. He pretended that he was forced into this and nodded. "Ok. I have always been a gentleman anyway."

That being said, the sweetness of cotton candy was saturating the air when the two of them looked at each other.