Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 343

Chapter 343 Exposed Relationship

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Lu Zhanbei knew that Lin Wanwan must be tired after playing for the whole day. Seeing that she kept yawning, he was thoughtful and wanted to leave. “I’ll get going first.”

“So fast?” Lin Wanwan felt a little reluctant.

Lu Zhanbei looked at her with his eyes half-ambiguous and half-teasing. “Why don’t you get me to stay for the night?”

“ Dream on!”

This was a big and hungry wolf. If she really got him to stay, who could tell if he would give in to his brutish nature?

Lin Wanwan pouted. “Oh right, where are you staying?”

Lu Zhanbei pointed at the window. “Opposite you.”

“” He was really planning to watch her 24 hours a day?

Before leaving, Lu Zhanbei suddenly hugged her. He rubbed her soft and black hair. “I’ll come find you tomorrow morning.”


Lin Wanwan watched his figure disappear at the end of the corridor and patted her burning hot cheeks.

Before sleeping, the last thought in her mind was this: the layer of window paper between her and Lu Zhanbei was getting thinner and thinner.

A good night’s sleep

The next morning, Lu Zhanbei knocked on her door.

Lin Wanwan hurriedly washed her face and opened the door. She saw that Lu Zhanbei was wearing a casual outfit today. His hair was slightly messy, and it was deliberately not maintained. He simply looked lazy.

Both of them were about to have breakfast together when Lu Zhanbei’s mobile rang.

“Wait for me for a while.”

Lu Zhanbei had just picked up the call when Gu Mo’s flustered voice sounded. “Sir, have you seen the news that just came out? If you haven’t, pretend that I didn’t call you. If you have, you must stay calm. There’s no hurdle that can’t be crossed in this world!”

Upon hearing this, Lu Zhanbei could not help but twitch his lips. He hung up the call and opened the news.

The top caption in the headlines on the front page of the entertainment section was as follows:

“Famous actor Luo Han’s and popular newbie Lin Wanwan’s relationship exposed!”

There were a few hi-res photos underneath the caption.

One was of Lin Wanwan and Luo Han taking a stroll in the flower field. One was of Luo Han taking a photo of her with the scenery behind

The angle of each photo was not bad. The warmth and sweetness between couples were captured.

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes dangerously in an instant.

The sensitive Lin Wanwan, who was standing beside him, sensed the sudden drop in air pressure and walked over in puzzlement. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Lu Zhanbei took a deep breath.

Calm down

Killing Luo Han would not be able to solve any problem

With such a thought, his restlessness slowly disappeared. He said in a tone with no turbulence, “Lin Wanwan, let me ask you a question.”

“Go ahead.” Lin Wanwan seemed to not have realized a storm was brewing.

“If I two-time, what will you do?”


After digesting it for a few seconds, Lin Wanwan understood what he meant. Her face instantly became cold. She headed back to the room, picked up the fruit knife from the bedside table, and removed the scabbard. She flicked her finger against the blade and half-laughed.

“I’ll cut you!” If her man really dared to two-time, she would definitely make him lose a leg.

Lu Zhanbei looked at the glistening blade and said without changing his expression, “Then, you may proceed. Oh right, it’s yourself you’ll be cutting.”

What the hell?

Lin Wanwan frowned slightly. “I didn’t two-time. Why must I cut myself?”

Lu Zhanbei handed his mobile over. “This is evidence.”

Lin Wanwan glanced at the black and long caption that was almost blinding. She instantly understood everything.

Why was it that the paparazzi was still lingering even though she was overseas!