Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 344

Chapter 344 Upgraded Sweetness

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She and Luo Han were just casually walking around. The paparazzi could actually make up a story that their relationship was being exposed. There must be a short circuit somewhere.

As she was complaining, Lin Wanwan unexpectedly met a pair of dark and quiet eyes from the corner of her eye. With a closer look, a trace of complaint could be seen in his eyes.

She was inexplicably guilty

Lin Wanwan had a feeling she was being caught for adultery by her husband. As this thought surfaced, she immediately felt goosebumps. She smiled dryly. "You might not believe it when I say this, but the truth is Luo Han and I casually chatted for a while after we casually bumped into each other."

"Indeed, I dont believe that."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Lu Zhanbei looked at her speechless expression and a hint of laugher flashed past his eyes very quickly.

"Such overly coincidental events are generally man-made. I have enough reason to believe that your trip to the Netherlands this time around was to secretly advance with Luo Han unless you are able to produce evidence to refute me?"

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan was speechless in despair.

Great. He was actually interrogating her now.

"Evidence? Example?"

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her and a glimmer of light flashed past his eyes. "For example, you tell me you dont like Luo Han. Not one bit."

Lin Wanwan repeated firmly. "I dont like Luo Han. Not one bit!"

Lu Zhanbei felt satisfied and led her on systematically. "Then who do you like?"


Lin Wanwan was about to reply when she pulled back in time. She rolled her eyes at this someone who liked to plot against her and snapped, "Im not telling you. I have already explained it to you anyway. Its up to you if you want to believe it or not."

After saying this, she carried her small bag and left.

After walking for a few steps, she realized that Lu Zhanbei didnt follow her. Lin Wanwan could not help but grit her teeth.

Must she say it personally that the person she liked was himself, Lu Zhanbei, before he was satisfied?

To be honest, she didnt really like such a different way of coercion. She snorted and wanted to lift her legs to continue walking. However, she kept them back when they have not even stepped out.

So annoying!

Lin Wanwan was resigned to fate and headed back. She saw Lu Zhanbei throwing the takeaway box that was left from yesterday into the rubbish bin.

She bit her lip and called out, "Lu Zhanbei!"

Lu Zhanbei turned his head and looked back. It was a calm look that inadvertently revealed grievances.

His current look was a far cry from his usual look of elegance and nobility. However, it was this contrast that caused the power of the killing blow to increase exponentially!

Even though she knew that Lu Zhanbei was very likely to have been deliberately pretending to be pitiful, Lin Wanwans heart still softened.

He had grabbed hold of her weakness and could eat her alive. The miraculous thing was that she was actually not angry at all.

Lin Wanwan sighed as she compromised and walked up to him.

Her pretty face was reflected in Lu Zhanbeis deep eyes. His eyebrows moved and he was about to say something when, the next second, she stood on her toes and held his face with both hands.

With a squelch, a soft kiss landed on his forehead

Lu Zhanbeis heart beat very fast suddenly. That hint of deliberate grievances in his eyes turned into success.

He could not control himself and wanted to hug her, but he made an empty hug instead. The young girl who was blushing slightly glared at him with bulging cheeks.

"Now you should know what my answer is, right? If you pretend again, Im really going to leave alone!"

After saying this, she turned around, but an arm grabbed her waist. A low and hoarse male voice traveled to her ear.

"When exactly will you accept me?"

That layer of window paper was finally torn completely.

Lin Wanwans face was flushing red, and her heart was beating rapidly. "You you havent said that you like me."