Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 345

Chapter 345 The Sudden And Unstoppable Confession

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Lu Zhanbei replied in a low and sexy voice, "I have already said it before."

Lin Wanwan immediately thought of that night when he confessed to her in a drunken state.

She had also once suspected that Lu Zhanbei was deliberately pretending to have lost his memory back then. After all, ever since that night, he had ignited the skill of saying romantic words to her anytime and flirted with her. The intention to pursue her was pretty much placed on the table.

Indeed laugh!

Originally, the atmosphere was just right and Lin Wanwan also thought that she could use this opportunity to make a promise to him.

However, she regretted it now. She first had to make this man understand what the price was for playing the fool in front of her. Regardless of who he was, she had to teach him a lesson first!

"Regardless of whether you have said it before or not, it will only count from the day that I say I like you."

Her gentle smile made Lu Zhanbei worry a little. An ominous feeling flashed past his heart. "When is that day?"

Lin Wanwan gave him a side glance and smiled harmlessly. "Dont you know how to figure this out easily? Why not calculate it yourself?"

Waving her hand, she quickly headed out of the room first.

Lu Zhanbei took a deep breath helplessly. He kept up with his long legs.

Half an hour later, both of them arrived at an American breakfast shop nearby.

Lin Wanwan drank a sip of milk. She lifted her head and met Lu Zhanbeis unwavering gaze.

In response to that, she said calmly, "Its good to act pitiful for the first time, but it will not work the second time. Try something new."

"" Lu Zhanbei was speechless.

After breakfast, the two of them took a leisure stroll and came to a small town famous for its windmills.

Lin Wanwan looked at the white windmill, which was bigger than a ferris wheel, in front of her. She excitedly pulled Lu Zhanbei along and ran.

"Quickly take a photo for me!"

Lu Zhanbei casually took a photo of her with her hands in a victory sign. He criticized silently in his heart:What an old-fashioned gesture.

"Lets take a photo together?"


Lu Zhanbei held in his thoughts and, in good temper, approached a passerby to take a photo of them.

The passerby thought that they were a couple and used poor English to signal them to stand closer together.

Lu Zhanbei very naturally grabbed Lin Wanwans waist. Lin Wanwans body stiffened and her cheeks started to be stained red. She tried her best to smile naturally.

After taking the photo, the two of them continued to shop casually nearby.

Lin Wanwan saw that Lu Zhanbei did not do any form of disguise and asked curiously, "Arent you worried someone will recognize you?"

Lu Zhanbei shook his head. "No worries."

All these years, he had been hiding behind the scenes. Not many people could recognize him. If there was someone who could, that was nothing.

Lin Wanwan recalled the question that had not been answered before. "Oh right, you havent told me about your identity!"

Lu Zhanbeis eyes flashed slightly. "Whatever my identity is, its not important. I really want a new identity now though."


Looking at her eyes, he said word by word, "Your boyfriend."

Damn. She was being confessed to so suddenly.

Lin Wanwan held back her laughter and waved her hand, not caring in the least. "No need to mention this again. I have already given you an answer before."

Before torturing Lu Zhanbei until she was satisfied, she was not going to let him get his way so easily!

Lu Zhanbei looked at her deeply, as if understanding something.

When the sun was about to set, the two of them prepared to head back to the hotel.

As they were about to enter the hotel door, Lu Zhanbei suddenly asked, "Let me ask you a question."

Lin Wanwan was influenced by his serious tone and nodded solemnly. "Go ahead. However, if you ask me anything related to two-timing again, dont blame me for falling out with you."