Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 346

Chapter 346 I Will Lay My Hands On You When Youre Bigger

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Lu Zhanbei curved his lips and said, "Two people were accidentally captured by some murderers on a trip. One of them was named I like you and the other was I dont like you. One day, I dont like you was murdered. Whats the name of the person who survived?"

After listening to him, Lin Wanwan half-laughed and looked over.

Such a simple and childish trap. Did he really think she would be fooled?

You have a good plan, I have a wall ladder too.

"Its called a survivor."

Lu Zhanbeis smile stiffened. This little girl was really not as foolish as before.

Sensing the appreciation in his eyes, Lin Wanwan smugly thrust her chest forward. She was about to compliment herself when she saw Lu Zhanbei glancing at her chest and said meaningfully, "You have indirectly portrayed an accurate definition of a bimbo. Not bad, you have brains."

What the hell!

How many times did he want to mock her with this!

Lin Wanwans smugness disappeared as she flew into a rage out of humiliation. She glared at him with a fake smile and said, "Im still young and have potential. You cant grow even if you want to. Do you know how many generation gaps are between the two of us?"

He mocked her small chest. Cant she scorn him because he was old?

Come at it. Lets hurt each other!

Lu Zhanbei lost his smile. He was about to say something to appease her when, suddenly, his smiling eyes turned cold and he rapidly tilted his head to look in a certain direction.

She caught the murderous look that flashed past his face in an instant. Lin Wanwans body tightened and she looked over too, but she did not find any suspicious characters.

"What happened?"

Sensing her nervousness, Lu Zhanbei recovered his usual look and said plainly, "Nothing. Ive seen wrongly."

Lin Wanwan believed his words without any hesitation and didnt ask further. "Lets go in quickly then."

Lu Zhanbei didnt move and instead said, "Move in to my room and stay there."

"" Ok, his hungry primal instinct was revealed!

Lin Wanwan wrapped both arms across her chest and looked at him warningly with a gesture to prevent thieves.

Lu Zhanbei found it funny and flicked a finger against her forehead. "No matter how desperate I am, I wouldnt eat a double-side fried egg. Arent you someone with potential? When youre bigger, Ill lay my hands on you again."

This "bigger" was said with double meaning.

Pooh! She was not a double-side fried egg!

Lu Zhanbei rubbed her forehead again. "Its more comfortable to stay in my room. Dont worry. I will sleep in the next room so Im closer to you, and you can find me anytime."

This was more like it.


Lin Wanwan returned to her room and packed her luggage. After she was done with the checking-out formalities, she went next door with Lu Zhanbei and realized he was actually staying in a six-star hotels presidential suite.

"Its the peak season for travels now. How did you manage to book a presidential suite?"

"Because Im rich."

"" This reason was very strong and powerful. She was convinced!

Just like that, Lin Wanwan happily stayed in the super luxurious presidential suite. Lu Zhanbei was also chased out to the next room by her.

Once he entered the room, Lu Zhanbei immediately called Gu Mo. "Have you reached the Netherlands?"

Gu Mos light voice could be heard. "Sir, youre really godlike. Ive just gotten off the plane!"

"Help me investigate something immediately."

"What is it?"

"Someones following me and Lin Wanwan. Go and find out who it is and give me his background details."

Gu Mo was shocked and his cheeky face immediately turned cold and stern. "Understood!"

After giving his orders, Lu Zhanbei called Yu Jis takeout number and ordered a few home-cooked dishes that Lin Wanwan liked.

Gu Mo acted quickly. There were already some results when Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan had just finished eating their dinner.