Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 347

Chapter 347 Then Do You Want To Try?

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“Sir, have you heard of Ao Fu from the Weiss family?”

Lu Zhanbei thought to himself for a while. “I have a bit of an impression. The Weiss family is in the business of firearms, and they have some power in country D.”

“Yes.” Gu Mo said in detail, “I’ve checked that Ao Fu and Tang Chen are business partners. However, Tang Chen has quite a few business partners, and this man was just one of them. Oh right, Ao Fu wanted to extend his business to Xia country before but was stopped by you, Sir. I believe he’s nursing a grudge against that.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Zhanbei loosened his eyebrows slightly. “So, his target this time is me.”

From his tone, Gu Mo could hear the underlying meaning that thankfully, the target was him and not Lin Wanwan.

“No.” Gu Mo suppressed the state of disorder in his heart and shook his head. “I overheard a little of their conversation. Ao Fu should be planning to kidnap Ms. Lin and then use her to deal with you.”

A layer of frost instantly condensed on Lu Zhanbei’s good-looking eyebrows. A strong murderous intent was hiding underneath his calm tone. “I understand.”

Lin Wanwan was his weakness, for which he would gladly endure hardships. He would definitely not let anyone who had ideas on her to return!

“Sir, I have a guess.”

“Tell me.”

Gu Mo said honestly, “Although a number of people know that you and Ms. Lin know each other, the people who understand your feelings for her Tang Chen is one. He is in contact with Ao Fu too. Could this matter involve Tang Chen? After all, he is considered your enemy all this while.

Lu Zhanbei looked indifferent. “It doesn’t matter. If Tang Chen is really involved in this, I will kill him when I return to Xia country.”

“Yes, I understand.” Gu Mo’s heart skipped a beat. With regards to matters other than Lin Wanwan, Sir was still his usual simple and violent self.

Lu Zhanbei hung up the call. Looking at the window curtains that were being blown by the wind, his eyes were cold. They were as cold as the northernmost land, and they were chilling to the bones.

At this moment knock knock knock.

The knocking sounds and Lin Wanwan’s light-hearted voice rang. “Lu Zhanbei, are you asleep already? I’m suffering from a little insomnia. If you’re not asleep yet, chat with me.”

The coldness in Lu Zhanbei’s eyes gradually melted. He pulled open the door and saw a young girl with a pretty smile who was very much shorter than him outside the door. He looked as elegant and gentle as usual, as if that man with a cold and murderous look before was not him.

“Come in.”

Lin Wanwan also noticed the height difference between her and Lu Zhanbei. She pouted unhappily and said, “I’m so much shorter than you. I don’t know if I can still grow taller.”

She was 1.7 meters tall in her previous life. Now, she was a young girl who just reached a height of 1.6 meters. In her heart, this difference was a little too big.

“No worries.”

Lu Zhanbei smiled slightly. He was like an elegant and noble prince who she could only watch from afar. His fair skin was like carved jade.

Lin Wanwan was still appreciating him like a fangirl when she heard him say slowly, “As long as it’s aimed accurately in the middle, who cares if the two heads are aligned?”


Damn. The level of dirty-mindedness in this sentence had totally exceeded the meter, alright!

Lin Wanwan’s face was flushed red. She suppressed the urge to flee and bravely met his ambiguous gaze. “Then, do you want to try?”

Lu Zhanbei’s eyes darkened. Looking at her blushing face, his hoarse voice was full of seduction as he said, “I’m very willing.”

“Ok, then come on.”

Lin Wanwan smiled sweetly at him and stepped forward. She wrapped her arms around his neck and attached herself to him as if she were spineless.