Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 348

Chapter 348 Only Belongs To You

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She felt that the mans breathing had started to become disordered and smiled even more charmingly. "Although I would really like to try it with you too, its really inconvenient these few days, so"

She grabbed his hand and slowly moved it. "You can find this as a replacement."

At that instant, Lu Zhanbeis flames of passion disappeared. He could neither cry nor laugh.

Lin Wanwan gave a sly look. She tilted her head and blinked. "Anyway, they can be aligned too, right?"

Lu Zhanbei smiled. Her wings have really hardened, and she even knew how to checkmate him now.

His face suddenly turned serious as he changed the topic. "Lin Wanwan, Im going to give you a promise now."

"What promise? Tell me about it." Could it be that he would only like her alone forever?

Instead, Lu Zhanbei said, "My virginity only belongs to you."

Unprepared for this, Lin Wanwan was shocked.

Although Lu Zhanbeis eyes were especially focused and serious, she was not moved at all.

Virginity? Who would believe it!

The heat that had dissipated from Lin Wanwans face surfaced again. She could no longer hold back the shame in her heart. She pushed the man in front of her and ran away. After running halfway, she didnt forget to look at him with contempt.

"I dont want it. You can keep it to yourself until it rots! Im not going to chat with you anymore, filthy king!"

Hearing the sound of the door closing in the next room, Lu Zhanbei laughed lightly.

Whether or not she wanted it, it was hers.

One night quietly passed.

As Lin Wanwans energy was drained from Lu Zhanbeis flirting last night, she slept until noon today, which was a rare sight. The culprit seemed to know she would sleep in.

Someone knocked on the door when she just woke up.

Lin Wanwan dilly-dallied, got up from bed, and washed up. After delaying for a long time, she opened the door and realized Lu Zhanbei was still waiting outside. His smile had a hint of ridicule as he said, "Opening the door after so long. Still shy?"

Lin Wanwan glared at him. She didnt say anything and walked out.

Both of them climbed a very famous mountain on this day and used up a lot of physical strength.

On the way back, Lin Wanwan felt that she was as tired as a dog. She lay lazily on the bed and said weakly, "Im not having dinner. Im going to sleep after showering. You return back to your room and rest early too."

Lu Zhanbei handed her a cup of freshly-squeezed juice. "Sleep after drinking this."

Just nice, Lin Wanwan was thirsty too. She finished the contents in the cup in one go.

After drinking, she saw Lu Zhanbei walking towards the direction of the bathroom. She could not help but raise her eyebrows. "Youre still not leaving?"

Could it be that he wanted to stay here for the night?

Lu Zhanbei saw through her thoughts and returned to her a look of disdain. "Dont think so much. Im going to put some hot water in your bath."

Lin Wanwan laughed dryly. "Haha, what a modest wife!"

Very quickly, the sound of water flowing down could be heard from the bathroom. Lin Wanwan, who was lying on the bed, yawned. She had wanted to sleep after Lu Zhanbei left.

However, she did not know if the day had been too tiring, but she felt her eyelids were getting heavier and heavier. In the end, she could not hold it anymore. She tilted her head and fell asleep.

At about the same time, Lu Zhanbei walked out. The mobile in his palm vibrated and rang.

Lu Zhanbeis slender finger swiped across the screen and he picked up the call. "Sir, they are here."


Lu Zhanbei walked to the front of the bed and lifted Lin Wanwan up horizontally. He lowered his head and gave her a kiss on the lips. His eyes were gentle as he said, "Have a good dream."

At the same time, with the darkness of night acting as a cover, over ten agile shadows rapidly entered through the hotels safe passage.

Following the command of the leader, they split ways. A group climbed the stairs and reached the floor Lu Zhanbei was staying at. Another headed directly to the rooftop. The division of labor was detailed, and it could be seen that they were a group of well-trained people.