Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 349

Chapter 349 A Demonic Wife Protector

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At the door of Lu Zhanbeis room, the leader took out the communicator from his waist and lowered his voice, "Mr. Ao Fu, we have already surrounded Lu Zhanbei."

"Good job. After rushing in, if possible, kill Lu Zhanbei together with that woman surnamed Lin. If you cant kill Lu Zhanbei, you must at least catch that woman. With her as hostage, I doubt if Lu Zhanbei would not be hooked!"

"Understood!" The leader hung up the call and waved his hand. "Go!"

As his words fell, several people lifted their legs at the same time and heavily kicked open the door.

Bang! The door opened in response.

A group of people rushed in. Following a series of crackling noises, the windows of the suite were broken. A dozen men dressed in black with ropes tied to their bodies leaped and jumped in agilely.

Everyone was equipped with weapons. As they got up, they scanned the room everywhere with vigilance with their black guns.

However, there was no one in the living room.

"Search!" The leader commanded, and dozens of people immediately dispersed.

The bedroom, no one.

The second bedroom, no one too.

After searching every corner of the suite, including inside the closet and under the bed, there were still no traces of Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan.

The leader frowned. "Whats going on?"

Before they took action, they had planned for a very long time. They bribed the security guards at the hotels back door and also used a telescope to secretly monitor the whereabouts of Lu Zhanbei.

He was very sure that before entering, Lu Zhanbei and that woman surnamed Lin were indeed in this room. Even if Lu Zhanbei sensed that something was amiss and wanted to escape, it was already too late.

However, it was as if he had disappeared into thin air just now

The leader was about to contact Ao Fu when, suddenly, a cold voice exploded like a bomb, "Have you searched enough?"

"" The leaders body stiffened. However, he was not an average person and quickly calmed down. At the same time when he turned around and fired a shot, he shouted, "Kill"

Before the word "kill" fell, a bullet flew over and shot straight into his eyebrows.


The leader collapsed onto the ground and his widened eyes were full of incredulity.

Hearing the commotion, the other people who were searching the suite immediately ran over. Not only did they see Lu Zhanbei, they also saw a countless number of bodyguards standing behind him.

Everyone was dressed in a black suit, and a pair of silver wings was on the front chest pocket. All of them were carrying heavy weapons.

They sucked in a breath of cold air, and their conditioned reflexes led them to move back.

How do they fight? Regardless of the number of people or weapons, they were bound to lose!

Lu Zhanbei shifted his indifferent gaze and looked at Gu Mo. "Lower the volume. Dont be too noisy."

Gu Mo was puzzled. "Why? This hotel is Sirs property. Even if its destroyed, its no big deal to rebuild it again."

Precisely because this was Lu Zhanbeis turf, that was why a secret passageway that could lead to the entire floor was constructed in his suite.

"Lin Wanwans sleeping next door. Dont wake her up."

"" Gu Mo was speechless for a while but could still not hold back. "In terms of the amount of sleeping pills in the juice, she would definitely not wake up until the next day. Also, the soundproofing environment here is superb. Theres no need to worry at all, alright!"

"Im afraid of noise. Will that do?"


Gu Mo wanted to say something else but Lu Zhanbei swept his eyes over him coldly. He immediately closed his mouth and dared not ask for it.

As he was about to get their men to change their weapons to ones with silencers, Lu Zhanbei gave an order again, "Dont make it too bloody."