Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Absolute Beauty From Within

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The filming location was packed with staff and actors for the drama. People in both ancient and modern styles of clothing were hurrying around, calling out instructions.

“Here! Ms. Lin!”

From a distance, Lin Wanwan could recognize the man waving frantically at her. She promptly shuffled over.

“I’m Director An Qiao’s assistant, Xiao Gao. He asked me to welcome you. Follow me, please.”

“Thank you.”

After walking through several alleys, they finally got to a studio beside a palace.

An Qiao was chattering with a middle-aged man. When Lin Wanwan arrived, he didn’t pay much attention and just gestured for his assistant to guide her to the changing room.

Since they were shooting a historical drama, the dressing process was incredibly tedious. Assistant Xiao Gao assigned two stylists to get Lin Wanwan into her outfit.

After she’d been dressed, she next had to have her hair done up.

While Lin Wanwan was enjoying the whole procedure, An Qiao was doing his best to promote her to another director.

“Tan, I’m certainly not exaggerating this time. This fresh supporting actress I found might have some mental issues, but her appearance is definitely a perfect fit for the role of Bai Yueguang. Just take a look, if you find it OK, you can even consider rebooting that movie from two years ago.”

Tan Zhiyue was one of the most influential directors in the entire Xia country.

If An Qiao was a genius director that can secure high box office every time, Tan Zhiyue was like the founder of art films who had claimed countless grade A awards.

“You meanThe Distance Just For You?”


“Impossible,” Tan Zhiyue uttered. “There is only one person who can match my expectation for the character Jin Yanran.”

An Qiao sighed in resignation. “Lin Xiao has been dead for two years. why can you still not get over her? Jin Yanran was just a supporting character, how can you cancel the movie just for her?”

“She was my queen.”

Tan Zhiyue shut his eyes, but An Qiao could still sense his agony. “The movie was created just for her. Although she didn’t have many scenes, she was definitely the soul character. Now that she’s gone, the movie has lost its purpose.”


That woman was crazy!

Thinking about the past brought distress to An Qiao as well.

“Whatever. Since you are already here, it doesn’t hurt to take a look, right?”

Maybe it was the similarity between Lin Wanwan to the role Jin Yanran, or maybe it was the pain it brought to see his old friend wailing over Lin Xiao’s death. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have bothered to do this.

Tan Zhiyue did not refuse, but disdain was written all over his face.

To him, daring to compare an unknown actress to his queen was a tremendous insult.

His expression agitated An Qiao. “Get ready to eat your own words!”

Just as he finished his sentence, a staff shouted, “Actors in position, standby!”

Immediately, both directors shifted their attention to the main stage.

A girl in a sapphire-green dress, wearing an antique hairpin, carefully made her way up to the stage.

She held a traditional parasol in her right hand. Even with makeup intended for her to look like a peasant, her distinguished vibe got everyone to sense her nobility.

Raising the parasol, her dazzling and elegant face showed a timid beam, yet her witty eyes shined with hints of intellect.

An absolute beauty from within.

Gasps of wonderment were the best of welcomes for Lin Wanwan. Even Tan Zhiyue, who dissed her just seconds ago, straightened his back and stared at her in disbelief.