Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 350

Chapter 350 : Husband Following The Tune Of The Wife

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Gu Mo had no energy left to complain. How did he want it then! How can murder not be too bloody?

"After being afraid of noise, Sirs scared of seeing blood?"


Lu Zhanbei shook his head calmly. Seeing Gu Mo heave a sigh of relief, he added plainly, "Lin Wanwans scared."

He knew that although that young girl did not reject violent scenes, it did not mean that she liked to see them. Thus, he especially put some sleeping pills in the juice before taking action.

Gu Mos lips twitched nonstop. " Ms. Lins not here."

Lu Zhanbei gave him a side glance and had an unfathomable expression on his face. "The husband follows the tune of the wife. Do you have any opinions on that?"

"" Ok, he concurred!

Ever since Sir fell in love, he was often like another person. He was long used to it.

However, must he show off in front of this bachelor all the time? This was not how a true man should be!

Gu Mos face was filled with hatred and sadness. The other men looked as if they had seen a ghost.

In the end, Gu Mo waved his hand and broke the eye contact between them. "Go!"

Lu Zhanbei calmly retreated a little. Just like he ordered, the fighting noises were not too loud and only one or two tormented sounds could be heard occasionally.

Half an hour later, Gu Mo walked out and threw away the blood-stained pair of white gloves into the rubbish bin.

"Sir, its settled. The room has also been cleaned up. I guarantee not a single trace of blood could be seen."

"Well done."

Gu Mo asked again, "Do you need me to bring Ao Fu over?"

"No need. I have already sent Jiushang over."


Mo Jiushang

Sir actually sent that devil over

To light a candle for Mr. Ao Fu

At the same time, in a certain luxurious manor in the capital of country D.

A plump man with thick and gold-colored half-length hair was trying to contact the men that he had sent out.

However, no matter how he called, he was unable to establish communication. The longer the time passed, the more anxious he was.

"Come here!" Ao Fu called. What answered him was silence.

He cursed and swore and walked out of the living room. He realized that none of the bodyguards who were originally stationed outside the door were there. His face immediately changed!

To come into the position of holding the family power, Ao Fu was naturally not a good-for-nothing. He sensed that danger was approaching and made a prompt decision to retreat.

However, at this moment, a sleepy male voice sounded lazily. "Mr. Ao Fu, good evening."

Ao Fus body turned cold instantly. He immediately turned his head and shouted, "Whos there?!"


A snapping sound turned on the voice-activated light on the wall. Following the illumination of the light, the surroundings were lit up as bright as day.

After seeing clearly the situation not too far away, Ao Fu widened his eyes in shock.

He only saw that a few meters away from the stairs, corpses were piled one on top of another and formed a small mountain.

A man dressed in black was sitting on top of the small mountain. He placed his elbows on his thigh and held his chin with one hand. Following the breeze, underneath the messy strands of hair moving in front of the forehead, a pair of black pupils filled with deep sleepiness could be seen faintly.

When did this man appear? Why didnt he sense anything at all!

What made Ao Fu feel panic-stricken was that these corpses who didnt die in peace were all of his men!


The bodyguards he arranged to be by his side were all elites. All of them were well versed and proficient in all kinds of weapons. How was it possible that they were murdered in silence and didnt even have a chance to react!

The man in black yawned. "Im now very sleepy. Please be more obedient and stop making me waste so much energy, alright?"