Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 351

Chapter 351 If Its You Im Willing To Make An Exception

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His tone was gentle and even carried with it the lazy feeling of not having slept enough.

"" A layer of cold sweat emerged from Ao Fus back. He subconsciously retreated and scanned the surroundings with his eyes.

He didnt believe that this man alone could eliminate all his elite men. There must be other people nearby!

The black-haired man yawned again. His body swayed, as if he could fall asleep anytime. "Dont bother looking. The ones alive here are just you and me. A friendly reminder, if you want to escape, nows the best time to do so."

When he heard this, Ao Fus body trembled.

Could it be that this man really had eliminated all of his men by himself? That was incredible!

Ao Fu carefully glanced at the young man, who had his eyes closed and seemed to be asleep. He took off and ran.

After running for a few steps, he could not help but look back.

The man did not follow him. He was holding his chin with one hand with a calm expression on his face, and he was deeply asleep.

Ao Fu heaved a sigh of relief and ran even faster.

Just as he was about to run out of the mans sight, the man slowly opened his eyes.

He had a handsome and gentle face. Even with his calm look, he could still give people warmth, like a spring breeze.

His temperament was clean and clear, like the purest snow from the snowy mountains.

He rubbed his eyes. "Oh, Ive accidentally fallen asleep."

Seeing that Ao Fu had already run away a few tens of meters, he slowly took out a sniper rifle from behind him. He was too lazy to even aim and just fired a shot straight ahead.


"Ah" Ao Fu let out a tragic scream. A peanut-sized hole appeared on his right knee, and he was bleeding profusely.

The man jumped down. After swaying for a long time, he arrived in front of Ao Fu. Without saying a word, he lifted one of Ao Fus legs and walked out, dragging him like a dead dog.

In the meantime, he kept yawning.

"Who are you? Let me go quickly. Im the man holding the power in the Weiss family!"

"Ill give you money. Ten million US dollars. Oh no, a hundred million dollars. Let me go!"

"Please, I can give you anything you want!"


This heartbreaking plea for mercy ended under a hand knife. The handsome man looked at the dying Ao Fu from above, his thin lips moving slightly.

"So noisy."

The next morning, Lin Wanwan woke up from her deep sleep. She opened her eyes and saw Lu Zhanbeis handsome face.

She was shocked. When she reacted, not only did she not push him away, but she also leaned into his arms instead. Just when she was thinking whether or not she should use this opportunity to take advantage of him, a mans playful voice sounded above her head.

"I thought you would scold me for being a hooligan."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. "Scolding you for being a hooligan wont change the fact that you hugged me for the entire night. Since youve already done that, I want to hug you back too. If I do not, I would lose out."

Lu Zhanbei grabbed her slender waist tightly. He said in a lazy voice, flirting slightly, "Why dont I sleep with you, then you sleep with me right back?"

Lin Wanwan snorted. "I thought you dont like double-side fried eggs?"

Lu Zhanbei flipped over and faced her. At close range, he could clearly see that the young girls fair-skinned face was covered with a thin layer of fine hair.

He could not help but lift his hand and use his fingertip to trace her eyebrows. He gradually moved it down until it landed on her soft lips.

Following a light flick of the finger, Lu Zhanbeis gaze turned deeper. "If its you, Im willing to make an exception."