Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 352

Chapter 352 How Rich Was He Exactly?

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" Lu Zhanbei, if youre flirting with me again, Im calling the police!"

Lin Wanwan opened his claws that didnt know their place and prepared to sit up. However, she was firmly pressed back down.

"Sleep a little longer."

"Then youre not allowed to disturb me."


Lin Wanwan closed her eyes with peace of mind and slept again.

When she woke up again, she realized Lu Zhanbei was no longer around. The table was full of the dishes she liked to eat.

As she was eating, Lu Zhanbei pushed open the door and entered.

Lin Wanwan looked at him. She was chewing food in her mouth as she said vaguely, "Shall we return home today?"

"Have you played enough?"

"Yes, more or less."

Actually, she wanted to change to another place to play. However, Lu Zhanbei had been accompanying her all this while and she was very worried she would take up too much of his time.

As such, both of them left. In the afternoon, Lin Wanwan boarded Lu Zhanbeis private jet in shock.

"Oh my god, you can even buy a private airline overseas?"

Seeing the admiration in her eyes, Lu Zhanbei felt comfortable in his heart. "So if theres anywhere you would like to go to in the future, you can find me. Its free."

Thats great!

However, how rich was he exactly?

Lin Wanwan could claim that she knew how to earn money. Before she died in her previous life, the remuneration she received for a film had reached its peak. Even when she casually accepted a few movies a year for fun, she could still steadily occupy the top position in terms of actresss income. Coupled with her usual investments, she could live with an income of a few hundred million a year.

However, she paled in comparison with Lu Zhanbei. To think she wanted to provide for him after earning more money in the future. It seemed like that was not happening anymore.

A few hours later, the plane landed in the airport of the capital of Xia country. Lin Wanwan was afraid that Ruan Baoer had already blown up the condominium and hurriedly got Lu Zhanbei to send her back.

After seeing that she had safely gone upstairs, Lu Zhanbei took his time and drove towards Yun Mansion.

He had just sat down after entering the house when Gu Mo leaned over in all seriousness. "Sir, before I remind you of the work you have accumulated for the past few days, Ill report to you first. Mo Jiushang has already gotten the information we want from Ao Fu. Half an hour ago, Ao Fu has died."

Lu Zhanbei drank some water to soothe his throat. "Tell me the specifics."

Gu Mo narrated the information he had obtained from Ao Fu in detail.

From the beginning to the end, Lu Zhanbei was very calm. Only a hint of coldness flashed past his eyes occasionally.

"Sir!" At this moment, the butler Uncle Ying hurriedly ran in. "Tang Chens here. He even said that if you dont let him in, hes going to barge in!"

Lu Zhanbei loosened his tie and said casually, "No worries. Let him in."


Not long after Uncle Ying went down, Tang Chen, who was wearing a casual suit, leisurely swayed over. His peach-shaped eyes were filled with the usual awe-inspiring evilness.

"Lu Zhanbei, I came here especially to thank you."

It was as if he was on his own turf. He invited himself to the sofa and sat down. Then, he poured himself a cup of tea but did not drink it. He smelled the fragrance of the tea, then lifted his head to look at Lu Zhanbei, who was sitting opposite him. He raised his eyebrows and laughed.

"Ive heard that you captured my business partner, Ao Fu."

Lu Zhanbei replied, "Thats right."

Tang Chens slender finger rubbed against the cup. "Before I thank you with tea, may I ask how he had offended you?"

His tone was very pleasant. After all, ever since the last time, when Ao Fu had revealed his intentions to deal with Lin Wanwan, he already had the intention to kill Ao Fu. All Lu Zhanbei did was help him get rid of an enemy.

Lu Zhanbei did not answer and instead asked, "Are you asking the obvious here?"