Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 353

Chapter 353 You Better Pray That Lin Wanwan Would Be Safe Forever

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Tang Chen looked at him and realized his eyes were colder than usual. There was no extra emotion on his face.

Thinking deeper, Tang Chen understood.

Lu Zhanbei had so many enemies. If Ao Fu had really offended him, he would just kill him directly. It would not have been enough to make him angry.

Unless Ao Fu had already laid a hand on Lin Wanwan!

"Where is he?" Tang Chens look instantly turned cold. He was prepared to entertain this man who was tired of living.

Lu Zhanbei gave him a side glance plainly. "Youre one step too late. Hes already dead."

"He should count himself lucky!" Tang Chen sneered. Death was a form of freedom for Ao Fu.

Although he was already dead, Tang Chen was still feeling unhappy. He stood up and said, "I still have something on. Ill take my leave first."

"Theres no rush to kill his whole family." Lu Zhanbei signaled for him to hold his horses.

Upon hearing this, Tang Chen laughed. "Perhaps what Lin Wanwan said was right. We might have really been a resentful couple in our previous lives. If not, how is it that you can understand me so well?"

Lu Zhanbei could not be bothered with his madness. He continued, "Ive heard something interesting from Ao Fu. Want to hear about it?"

"Tell me."

Lu Zhanbei crossed his hands, and his two slender index fingers slowly moved about on the back of his hand.

"If I didnt guess wrongly, you would have warned him not to lay a hand on Lin Wanwan. However, he still did so. Even if he didnt believe that you would fall out with him over a woman, as business partners, he should have informed you first before taking action, right? Especially since you are the dominant party in the relationship."

Tang Chen was not surprised that Lu Zhanbei actually knew all this. His eyes flashed slightly. "Continue."

"Someone secretly contacted Ao Fu and got him to kidnap Lin Wanwan. He even said if Tang Chen flew into a rage because of this matter, he would be responsible for it."

"" Upon hearing this, Tang Chen rubbed his thin red lips. His eyes turned dark, and he didnt say a word.

"Tang Chen, you know that person too. Hes called"

"Enough, stop saying anything more!"

Tang Chen interrupted Lu Zhanbeis words and stood up fiercely. He walked a few steps then stopped. "Lu Zhanbei, I will give you and Lin Wanwan an explanation. No need to send me off!"

Witnessing his figure disappear, Lu Zhanbei drank a sip of tea. Looking at the tea leaves floating in the teacup, he had on a look that was without any clear meaning.

After leaving Yun Mansion, Tang Chen got on a car parked on the side of the road. Tang Qiang, who was in the drivers seat, saw that he didnt look good. He wanted to ask more when Tang Chen threw him a look to shut him up. He took out his mobile and blindly dialed a string of numbers.

After three rings, the call was connected.

The other party had not said anything yet when Tang Chen said coldly, "You told Ao Fu to lay a hand on Lin Wanwan?"

On the other end of the call, a young and gentle male voice could be heard. He laughed lightly. "Tangtang, my dear business partner. We have not contacted each other for half a year already. Youre calling me now to question me over another woman. I will be jealous eh."

It was rare to see Tang Chens handsome face turn cold. "Dont spout nonsense with me. Im warning you, dont ever lay a hand on Lin Wanwan again. Otherwise, youll know my temper!"

"Heh." The man was not annoyed at all. He even asked with interest, "Dont tell me you have fallen in love with this Lin Wanwan?"


Tang Chen frowned, and a trace of confusion flashed past his eyes. "This has nothing to do with you. In short, surnamed Qi, you better pray that Lin Wanwan would be safe forever. If not, even if she loses a strand of hair in an accident, I will hold you responsible for it. When the time comes, you can go to hell together with your business!"