Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 355

Chapter 355 I Dont Like Him Now

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"Let me take a look." She put down her broom, took out her mobile, and quickly logged in to Weibo.

Indeed, a ruckus had been made.

Ever since the "intimate" photos of her and Luo Han touring the flower fields in the Netherlands were exposed, the so-called relationship was immediately pushed to the trending headlines of all major media outlets.

As a newbie actress who was only slightly famous in the country, Lin Wanwan actually dated Luo Han in the dark.

There was nothing much after he had clarified the previous rumor. Now, there was concrete evidence. Thus, many people were still shocked.

Both parties didnt come forward to refute the rumors. The news got more widespread, and everyone thought that this meant Lin Wanwan and Luo Han had silently consented to this.

Lin Wanwans heart beat faster. Oh no! This was the prelude to being torn apart by Luo Hans fans!

She worriedly opened the first Weibo message where she said she was going overseas. Comments entered her line of sight one after another.

"My female goddess actually managed to pursue my male god. I really dont know if I should cry or laugh."

"Ball is definitely the most motivated fan in this world. With the love she has for Luo Han, she entered the entertainment circle, battled the elites, and tore apart her love rivals. From an unknown fan to a slightly famous actress at present and to finally successfully pursuing her male god, she has embarked on the road of a winner!"

"What the! Is the commenter above writing a novel? I know a good platform called QQ Reads. You are welcome to submit your script there!"

Towards the rumor between the two, Lin Wanwans fans gave their blessings.

As for Luo Hans fan base, it had been divided into two factions. One faction firmly refused to admit that Luo Han and Lin Wanwan were dating and insisted that their idol should grow old alone.

The other faction expressed that it was not bad that Ming Mei and Mo Junyan were together in real life.

Lin Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief. That was good.

Although there were a few fangirls and anti-fans who criticized that she was shameless, most of them were gentle and only wished for the two of them to give a statement as soon as possible.

As an artist manager, Si Han was too unprofessional. His artiste had been involved in such a big rumor but he actually did not bother with it.

Lin Wanwan gave Si Han a call.

Facing the questioning, he explained, "Dont you like Luo Han a lot? You can use this scandal to pave the road for everyone. When you are really dating, then success will come when conditions are ripe. Oh right, if need be, I can help add fuel to the flames so that Luo Hans fans can better accept you."

"" Lin Wanwan was speechless for a while. Then, she squeezed out a sentence, "I dont like him now!"

"Then who do you like?"


Si Han flirted slightly. "Sure. I now allow you to be my bed warmer. Eight oclock tonight, Ill wait for you on the bed. I wont leave without seeing you."

With a slam, Lin Wanwan hung up the call in anger. He was not serious at all!

Lin Wanwan tried to call Luo Han. However, his mobile was always in a state of being unreachable. She could only temporarily give up establishing contact.

She had already pretended to be dead these few days. Another day wouldnt matter.

When she finished cleaning up the entire condominium, night had fallen. Lin Wanwan felt that it was more tiring than climbing a mountain for a day. She casually showered, changed into her nightdress, and went to bed.

In a state of confusion, she felt Ruan Baoer climbing up, saying to her in a very serious tone, "Sister Ball, you have treated me well. I will treat you well too."

Lin Wanwan patted her head in a dazed state. "Got it. Go and sleep."

The next morning, Lin Wanwan and Ruan Baoer were still sleeping when suddenly, someone knocked on the door.