Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 357

Chapter 357 An Additional Jar Of Vinegar Next To Her

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Lu Zhanbei shrugged his shoulders with regret. He had a feeling in his heart that this was going to be a long road to walk on.

As they chatted, Lin Wanwans mobile rang. She looked at the caller ID and a smile crept up her face. "Speak of the devil!"

She picked up the call. Before she could say a word, Luo Hans magnetic voice had already traveled over. "Sorry. There wasnt any signal in the places I went to for the past two days. I already know about the rumor. Are you free now? We can talk about it in person to resolve it."

Shouldnt it be ok if they just issue a clarification statement at the same time? Was there a need to talk in person?

Although puzzled, Lin Wanwan considered that he might have other arrangements. Thus, she agreed. "Where are you now? Ill come over to find you."

Luo Han gave an address.

"Wait for me for half an hour."

Lin Wanwan hung up the call and saw Lu Zhanbei looking at her darkly. She could not help but hold her forehead. "Can you please not portray the image of a pitiful husband whose wife is about to be unfaithful towards him?"

"But I am."

"" Sensing that she had dug a hole for herself, Lin Wanwan coughed to hide the embarrassment. She hurried back to her room and changed into casual sportswear.

Half an hour later, Lu Zhanbei sent her to the agreed-upon tea restaurant.

After sending her off, he did not leave. Instead, he turned on his laptop that he carried along. His expression was a little cold.

Gu Mo looked at him and deliberately exaggerated. "Sir, we all know how Ms. Lin used to like Luo Han in the past. Now that the two of them are together in a room alone, do you want me to monitor and see what they are doing?"

"No need." Gu Mo blinked. Oh? Was Sir finally returning to normal?

Gu Mo had wanted to congratulate him when Lu Zhanbei added another sentence lightly, "Im already monitoring."

Gu Mo silently leaned over, and his lips could not help but twitch.

Indeed, Sir was already infiltrating the monitoring system of the tea restaurant

"By doing this, youre not afraid that Ms. Lin would be angry?"

"She wouldnt be."


"Because" Lu Zhanbei deliberately dragged the long note. Seeing that Gu Mo was alert and looking all gossipy, he sneered, "On what basis must I tell you?"

"!!!" Gu Mo nearly hurled vulgarities.

Seeing that there was progress between Sir and Lin Wanwan and that Sir was now in a bad mood, Gu Mo chose not to take the initiative and look for ill-treatment.

The extent of a prisons surveillance could not be compared to Sirs defenses against his love rival.

At the same time, Lin Wanwan knocked on the door of the reserved room. Luo Han was sitting on a single-seater sofa, playing with his mobile. His thick eyebrows were frowning slightly, and he looked a little irritated.

"Youre here. Sit." The emotions on Luo Hans face disappeared and he went straight to the point. "Actually, the reason why I asked you here was to ask you for a favor."

"What favor?"

Luo Han thought to himself for a while. Then, he said, "To cut the long story short, my parents find that Im not young anymore and have been arranging a lot of matchmaking sessions for me. I find that the rumor this time is a good opportunity for me. I would like you to pretend to be my girlfriend for a while to deal with my parents. Can you?"

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrows. Disdain was expressed not only in words but also on her face. "Such an old trick. To think youre still willing to use it."

"As long as it works." Luo Han smiled and asked again, "Are you willing to help me?"

Lin Wanwan was a little hesitant. If it was before, she would be willing a hundred or a thousand times. Or on account that they were purely friends, she would be willing to dash ahead regardless of safety.

However, she now had a jar of vinegar next to her