Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 358

Chapter 358 Declaring Sovereignty

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If Lu Zhanbei were to learn that she was going to pretend to be Luo Hans girlfriend, this jar of vinegar would definitely overflow.

Seeing that she was silent, Luo Han nodded in understanding. "I understand. If its not convenient, I wont force you."

"No, I"

Lin Wanwan was about to explain when, suddenly, the door was pushed open.

Lu Zhanbei had not arrived yet, but his voice traveled in first. "Nephew, youll actually let your aunt pretend to be your girlfriend. Its quite creative, but its a pity your uncle disagrees."

Lin Wanwan shook her head helplessly. He was really all-pervasive. Why was it that she felt nothing could escape his eyes?

Lu Zhanbei naturally sat next to Lin Wanwan. He stretched out his long arm and grabbed her waist in a gesture of declaring sovereignty. He gave Luo Han a side glance and smiled gently. "You shouldnt be thinking of snatching someone whos with your elder, right?"

Luo Hans heart skipped a beat. Even if he had a hundred guts, he wouldnt snatch someone from Lu Zhanbei.

Even though Lu Zhanbei seemed harmless, it could not hide the dangerousness in his blood.

In front of Lin Wanwan, he could be said to be a meek sheep. However, in front of others, he was always almighty and superior.

"I really want to congratulate the two of you. Theres finally a positive result."

Luo Hans sincere performance made the trace of darkness in Lu Zhanbeis eyes disappear quietly. "Thank you."

Hearing that shed become Luo Hans elder without rhyme or reason, Lin Wanwan struggled in Lu Zhanbeis embrace. After struggling for a while, she realized she couldnt break free. She could only stretch her arm out helplessly and pinch his waist hard!

The man didnt even frown. When his mobile rang, he used a warm gaze unique to elders and looked at Luo Han. "Although I cant lend you my woman, as your uncle, I have already selected a more suitable candidate for you. She should be here soon."

Luo Han had an ominous feeling in his heart.

Clap clap clap. Lu Zhanbei clapped his hands a few times.

"Luo Han Oppa!"

A young girl who had a ponytail and was wearing denim overalls was seen pushing open the door and running in.

She dashed straight to Luo Han, raised her small, round face, and said, "I heard that youre in need of a girlfriend, so Im here for the interview. Although Im the little princess of the Yun family, I dont have princess syndrome. I can even provide sleeping services anytime. Would you consider me?"

"Yun Menger" It was rare to see Luo Hans face twitch. "Why are you here?"

"Brother Zhanbei asked me to return to the country. He said that you were looking for a girlfriend."

Luo Han looked at Lu Zhanbei silently.

Lu Zhanbei flashed a spring-breeze-like smile at him. "No need to thank me."

Lin Wanwan, who was watching by the side, could not bear to look at him directly in the eyes and tilted her face. Luo Han probably felt very helpless now.

Yun Menger pulled Luo Hans hand and kept shaking it. "Oppa, dont look at him. Look at me, look at me. As long as you nod your head, Ill be yours. You can kiss me or sleep with me anytime. Also, Im the only daughter. Marrying me means youll own the entire Yun family."

" Stop it!"

Seeing that Luo Han was on the verge of breaking down, Lu Zhanbei curved his lips and held Lin Wanwans hand. "Lets go."

Lin Wanwan wanted to stay and watch the drama but was forcibly pulled away by him.

Both of them had walked out quite a distance but Yun Mengers shy pouting could still be heard. "If Brother Zhanbei hadnt told me, I wouldnt have known that you had a secret crush on me. Since you like me, why did you reject my confession the previous time? Oh, I understand. Youre trying to let me off first in order to catch me later! So naughty~"

Even though she could not see it, Lin Wanwan could imagine Luo Hans badly battered look.