Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Mental Age Of Six?

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They looked so distinctively different, yet Lin Wanwan seemed to have the same aura as that person.

An Qiao lifted his head in pride. He was just about to get back at Tan Zhiyue for what he said when


A loud slap echoed across the studio.

Tan Zhiyue had punished himself before anyone else could.

An Qiao was speechless. “”

His old friend’s only problem was that he was way too straightforward.

Click! Click! Click!

Photographers finally realized what they were there for, and the shutter was the only sound left to be heard.

There were two collections of the promotional photo shoot to be done. One for the peasant character, another for the consort.

While Lin Wanwan was changing into her second set of clothes, Tan Zhiyue stood up, looking to have made a crucial decision.

“An Qiao, I will consider launching‘The Distance Just For You’again. It’s just that never mind, I shall ask his opinion first.”

“Who is he?” An Qiao was bewildered. “It’s your own script, and you don’t seem to have any financial issue. Even the headquarter can’t stop you. Whose opinion do you need?”

“The headquarter is nothing compared to that man.” Tan Zhiyue looked intrigued. “If he does not allow it, there is no way I can relaunch the movie.”

Tan Zhiyue didn’t get the news much earlier than An Qiao. Only six months ago did he learn that there was a man who had been paying so much attention to his queen, so much so that he would not allow anyone else to take on her role.


There’s someone so powerful?

An Qiao had more questions, but before he could say a word, Tan Zhiyue waved him goodbye.

Meanwhile, Lin Wanwan changed into her second outfit.

An Qiao flipped through the photos with satisfaction written on his face. He couldn’t help but examine Lin Wanwan, who was busy sipping on her bubble tea.

“Little girl, do you really have a mental age of six?”

Although Lin Wanwan suited the character, plenty of difficult scenes would require her to convey emotions through her eyes.

Lin Wanwan got a little distressed. She tried her best to act like a child during the shoot.

Keeping her thoughts in, she puffed up her cheeks and answered, “Uncle An Qiao, I’m not stupid, I’m not a kid anymore!”

Uncle An Qiao felt like he got shot by a piercing arrow.

Even the best actors and actresses in the country had to behave themselves and call him Director An.

But this girl

An Qiao shook his thoughts off and discussed the dates of filming with Lin Wanwan, rushing her to bring her documents to sign the contract.

Lin Wanwan agreed. Remembering that her documents were with Lin Qinghao, she decided to go back to the Lin family to retrieve them.

After she left, the studio got into a passionate discussion.

“Who is that newbie? She is beautiful! Just for her looks, I’m already her fan!”

“I dare to say this drama is definitely going to be famous because of her. Why did Director An not even tell us her name?”

Clearly, due to Lin Wanwan’s outstanding performance, not a single person tried to relate her to the lunatic fan of actor Luo Han.

The tallest commercial building had 110 stories. Standing at about 600 meters, it was the most symbolic landmark of Xia country.

At the rooftop, it felt like the clouds were well within your reach.

A slender man stood before the French casement, a chilly metallic cellphone held by his ear.

When Gu Mo stepped into the room, he caught the man finishing his words.

“It’s all in the past, I’ll leave it up to you.”

He ended the call.

“Sir,” Gu Mo spoke promptly. “Fifteen minutes to the video call meeting at five o’clock.”


“Erm” Gu Mo hesitated all of a sudden.

“Say it.”

Whenever Lu Zhanbei was more concise in his speech than usual, Gu Mo knew that he was in a bad mood. After stammering for quite a while, he finally spoke, “Ms. Lin might be in trouble.”