Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 360

Chapter 360 Such Is The Truth. Up To You To Believe It Or Not

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Luo Han faced the audience below the stage and said slowly, "We have invited everyone here today to clarify on something for the second time. Lin Wanwan and I are definitely not in a romantic relationship. The reason why both of us appeared in the Netherlands was purely coincidental. We are just friends."

Lin Wanwan nodded. "What Luo Han said is what I wanted to say too."

The reporters looked at one another for a while. After that, someone asked, "Ms. Lin, if I didnt remember wrongly, you once said that you would only marry Luo Han. Do you have a one-sided love for Luo Han then?"

Lin Wanwan blinked and smiled playfully. "I do like Luo Han, but its the way a fan worships an idol. Who doesnt have impulsive moments when they are young? Furthermore, I was sick so my behavior was more exaggerated. Reporter Jun, didnt you crazily like any female stars when you were young? If not, I sincerely advise you to like me."

Amused laughter could be heard from below the stage.

The reporters raised a few more questions next. They asked if the two felt that this was a public relations crisis and, thus, were not willing to expose their relationship for fear of affecting their roads to stardom.

In the end, Lin Wanwan was irritated by all the asking. "I guarantee to everyone that if Im really dating one day, I will definitely announce it immediately. However, Luo Han and I are really not a couple. I swear!"

After that, she held up four fingers in all seriousness.

"Hahaha." The audience laughed loudly again.

The press conference ended. In the afternoon, the information was compiled into news pieces by the media outlets and sent out to the public via various channels. This immediately attracted the attention of a large number of people.

Besides a few fans who expressed heartbreak over the news, Luo Hans fangirls were definitely cheering. The other netizens thought that their explanation was too forced.

Everything could be said on the Internet. Lin Wanwan just casually glanced at the comments and didnt bother with them anymore.

Such is the truth. Up to you to believe it or not.

After the trip, Lin Wanwan was also getting ready to start work. She was about to head out to find Si Han when Ruan Baoer came running over and tugged at her elbows like a spoiled child.

"Sister Ball, bring me along with you, ok?"

"Ok." Thinking of the exciting chemical reaction that would be produced when Si Han and Ruan Baoer meet, Lin Wanwan readily agreed.

Ruan Baoer said mysteriously, "After you see Si Han, do me a favor."

Lin Wanwan asked, "What favor?"

She whispered in Lin Wanwans ear for a long while. Lin Wanwan was confused. In the end, based on the principle that it would be Ruan Baoer who would be in trouble and not herself, she nodded.

"No problem."

Both of them hailed a taxi and headed to the winery. After theyd knocked on the door for a very long time, Si Han finally appeared with a dirty look on his face.

When he saw Ruan Baoer, his expression changed and he prepared to close the door.

Ruan Baoer had already opened her mouth to say, "Im here today purely out of boredom. Dont worry. I promise not to move around after Im in."

Si Han lifted his eyelids and looked at her. He turned sideways to let her in in silent agreement.

Indeed, Ruan Baoer obediently sat on the sofa without moving around. It was only then that he stopped worrying.

Without waiting for Lin Wanwan to make clear what she came for, Si Han went straight to the point. "After youve won the awards, a few production teams issued invitations for auditions. Ive selected a slightly novel and character-absorbing script. Its the first female lead role, but the audition will only take place half a month later. So hold on for a while."

Lin Wanwan was curious. "Novel how novel is it?"

"Besides the climax, you basically dont have much lines."

"" Lin Wanwan was silent for a while. Then, she gritted her teeth and forced out a sentence. "Thank you so much then. You wouldnt be thinking for me to act as a corpse, right?"