Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 361

Chapter 361 Official Your Servant Will Feed You

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Si Han pretended not to see her sad look. He went to the drawers directly, took out a thick stack of paper, and threw it over.

"This is the script."

Lin Wanwan received it and started to read through the first ten lines.

After reading it, her eyes shone. "This character is awesome. I love it!"

Si Han was right. This character usually didnt have any lines as she was an orphan with autism. Her daily exchanges were communicated via paper and pen.

However, her profession was a detective. She had exceptionally strong logic and reasoning skills. Only when she encounters a case would she open her mouth normally and communicate without any obstacles.

The buildup of the character was indeed novel. The conflict was strong, and it was a good test of acting skills.

Lin Wanwan looked at Si Han, moved. "Si Dada, you really do love me. This is my first first-female-lead role~"

"Go, go, go!" Si Han waved his hands in disdain and started to chase them out impatiently. "If there isnt anything else, you know where the door is. Goodbye."

Lin Wanwan resisted the urge to give him a flick on the head. She tried her best to speak in a good-natured way, "Theres still such a long time until the audition. Ive been quite bored recently though. Can you help recommend some variety shows that are suitable for me? Those that involve eating and drinking and probably wont require much brain work or physical strength?"

"You dont have any new dramas to promote now and are unsuitable to be on variety shows."

Si Han refused her suggestion straight away and gave her a new idea. "If youre really feeling bored, you can do a live broadcast to interact with your fans. If your performance is good enough, you can gain more hardcore fans and get passersby to develop good feelings for you. Also, you can earn some gifts as pocket money."

Although Lin Wanwan didnt do live broadcasts before, she would occasionally take a look at them too. She even complimented an eating broadcast before.

It seemed quite interesting

"Ok, Ill try."

After talking about serious business, Lin Wanwan thought of what Ruan Baoer had said to her before leaving the house. She immediately said, "Baoer, Im thirsty. Help pour a cup of water for me."


Ruan Baoer stood up and was preparing to walk over to the kitchen when she saw from the corner of her eye Si Han looking at her as if he was on guard against all possible dangers. She could not help but pout. "Dont belittle me. Ball has been training me to be a modest wife recently. Very soon, Ill be able to do all household chores perfectly."

Upon hearing this, Si Han sneered. "Modest wife? It would be faster if you undergo reincarnation."

"Is that so?" Ruan Baoer confidently flipped her hair. "Then, wait and see!"

After a while, Ruan Baoer came out from the kitchen serving two cups of ice water.

"Si Han, Sister Ball, drink some water."

"Thank you." Lin Wanwan picked up the cup on the right and took a small sip.

Seeing that Si Han was not moving, Ruan Baoer urged in a sweet voice, "You drink too. Do you think that I would put poison in your drink?"

Si Han picked it up and used the cup as a cover. He noticed that a hint of excitement flashed past Ruan Baoers face, and his eyes flashed slightly. He returned the cup to the original spot.

"You feed me then." He curved his lips and smiled. This smile carried with it light teasing and an evil charm. The deadly attraction rapidly took Ruan Baoers soul away.

She was a little absent-minded as she sat over. She held up the cup and placed it near Si Hans lips. She said shyly, "Official, open your mouth quickly. Your servant will feed you~"

"" Lin Wanwan was so disgusted that goosebumps appeared.

Si Han grabbed Ruan Baoers wrist, then glanced at her shy face. When she opened her mouth and wanted to say something, he took advantage of this and lifted her wrist fiercely. Then, he poured the entire cup of water into her mouth.

"Its better if you drink it all by yourself."

"Cough, cough, cough." Unprepared for this, Ruan Baoer choked. She coughed and coughed. Suddenly, she tilted her head and her body fell softly into Si Hans embrace.