Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 364

Chapter 364 Go And Marry Such A Good Man

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Another round of brutal rocket launchers dominated the screen. This time, they appeared at a much faster speed than Tang Chens.

Lin Wanwan sucked in a cold breath of air. Damn! Lu Zhanbei actually fooled around together with Tang Chen. Did he find that this matter was not blown up enough?!

Lu Zhanbei and Tang Chen seemed to be competing against each other. The rate at which the rocket launchers appeared was faster than the other, and the numbers climbed up constantly.

When the people in the live broadcast room saw this scene, they almost went crazy.

"Wow! Both of them have sent over five thousand rocket launchers now. The profit will be divided 50-50. I bet the boss of Pumpkin will be happily going crazy!"

"To both heroes, please provide for me!"

"Hahaha, I suddenly feel a bit of a heartache for those anti-fans. They came here with ambitious attitudes but were pinched away by young Tang and the mysterious man. They could only glare in hatred."

"Anti-fans, scold quickly. We wont be able to see them anyway. Hahaha!"

Lin Wanwan already didnt want to say anything else.

The gifts refreshed too quickly and never stopped. In the end, her screen started to hang.

This time, she was really exasperated. She switched off the microphone and walked to one side. She took out her mobile and called Lu Zhanbei.

"Lu Zhanbei, can you please stop it? If you really have a lot of money and dont know where to spend them, you can fold them into paper planes and play with them. I just want to finish a live broadcast quietly. Can you let me off?"

Sensing the unhappiness in her tone, Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. He agreed lightly and said, "Then, Ill come over to find you."

"Come over, come over!" As long as he stopped fighting with Tang Chen.

If Lin Wanwans attitude towards Lu Zhanbei could be said to be in cheerful countenance, then towards Tang Chen, she was like a merciless hurricane.

Lin Wanwan switched on her microphone again and said a string of words rapidly.

"Tang Chen, are you lacking iron, calcium, or your minds eye? Those anti-fans are a bunch of rats that couldnt be seen in public. You actually stoop down to their level? Whose style are you trying to lower? Im telling you, stop this immediately. If you dont, dont blame me for blacklisting you!"

She didnt know if her warnings played a role, but both Tang Chen and Lu Zhanbei didnt continue to send gifts over.

Five seconds later, the comments on the screen could finally be seen.

Lin Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief. However, when she saw the contents of the comments, she could neither cry nor laugh.

"Balls too handsome. When she scolded him, she totally had the powerful aura of a queen!"

"Tang Chens so obedient. He really stopped sending gifts. Hes handsome, wealthy, and so obedient. Such a man is of a higher caliber than a man of high caliber. I envy Ball so much! /cries"

"Ball, since you have met such a good man like Tang Chen, just go and marry him!"

"Have you all forgotten about Lu XX? He also did this to solve the worries of the beauty, and is a real man who didnt hesitate to spend thousands of gold!"

Amidst the heated comments, a line of words in gold font suddenly appeared and caught everyones attention.

The invincible and most handsome man in the universe, Tang Chen: "All of you have guessed wrongly. The person surnamed Lu is actually Lin Wanwans love rival. He did this just to attract my attention. However, dont worry, my dear Wanwan. I only have you in my heart. /heart"

Tang Chens words ignited a new round of discussions in the comments section again.

Lin Wanwan could not help but roll her eyes. Indeed, wherever this god of plague was around, there was no place to stop.

The invincible and most handsome man in the universe, Tang Chen: "Lin Wanwan, Ill get going first. If theres still anyone without eyes who dares to make blind remarks, Ill help you check on their water meters. Dont miss me too much."

Room notification: "The invincible and most handsome man in the universe, Tang Chen, has left"