Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 365

Chapter 365 Play It By Ear And Give Her A Slap In The Face

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Lin Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief. She looked at how the comments were trending and felt upset.

Sigh. Tang Chen and Lu Zhanbei had stolen all her limelight away!

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

Ruan Baoer hurriedly opened the door. Lin Wanwan stuck out her head and took a glance. Indeed, it was Lu Zhanbei.

Lin Wanwan walked up to him and ordered softly, "Just sit here obediently. Dont run around and dont say anything. Understand?"


Seeing that Lu Zhanbei answered without hesitation, Lin Wanwan was no longer worried and sat back on the chair. At this point in time, a few people were asking where she went to.

She cleared her throat and pulled back the topic again.

Tang Chens warning of "checking on water meters" probably worked. Those anti-fans no longer made any comments, but Lin Wanwan knew that they were definitely still watching in the dark.

"Why did Lin Wanwan put on makeup at such a young age? Could it be that shes really ugly without it and cant show her face to the public?"

Oh, these guys really refuse to give in. They no longer dared to openly scold her but, instead, changed their criticism to a more roundabout manner now.

Seeing that her fans were desperately criticizing these anti-fans, Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrow and smiled.

"I dont have any talents, and I dont have much confidence in my looks. However, I dont think Ive reached the stage of not showing my face to the public because Im too ugly. Since its still early, if theres someone who really wants to watch me remove my makeup in this live broadcast, I dont mind satisfying you. After all, your Ball is a Mary Sue who can accommodate all kinds of clowns."

A series of "hahaha" broke out in the comments section.

At the same time, the anti-fans were angered.

"Everyone knows how to say big words. If you have the ability, remove your makeup now. Youre such a bragger. Dont hit yourself in the face later. That will be really embarrassing!"

In this day and age, out of ten female stars, nine of them looked completely different before and after makeup. They didnt believe that Lin Wanwans natural look without makeup could be beautiful.

Ball fans clearly knew about this too. They could not help but feel worried and urged Lin Wanwan not to fall for the anti-fans prodding.

Lin Wanwan didnt bother with them. She took out her own makeup remover wipes, curved her lips, and smiled at the camera. "Im going to start now!"

She disregarded the supportive voices or sarcastic comments. She took out a piece of wet tissue and started to wipe away from the eyebrows.

Following the slow movements, all the powder was wiped off. The fair and smooth egg-like skin underneath was revealed.

When the last bit of lipstick disappeared, her natural look without makeup was clearly presented to everyone in the live broadcast room.

Without makeup adorning her, not only did Lin Wanwan not become uglier, more purity and all-naturalness were added to her look instead.

"Wow! Ball is simply too beautiful!"

"Shes so pretty! Ive already downloaded her picture!"

"I feel that Balls even prettier without makeup. Where are those anti-fans? Come on out! Whose home ground is this? I hope all of you understand this better!"

To play it by ear and give her a slap in the face!

A pity that no matter how hard Ball fans called them out, those anti-fans stopped making any comments, as if they were dead.

Lin Wanwan smiled plainly and said, "Ok-ok, dont waste even one minute on those who are not worthy. Its up to them to do their bragging or stoop to low levels. I have my fans to protect me so I would naturally fear nothing!"

Lu Zhanbei, who was sitting not too far away, stared at her fixedly. Seeing that her slightly tender eyebrows were full of that all-natural cold arrogance, it was as if she was shining. At the same time that he found it hard to resist, he also felt that it was exceptionally familiar.

His eyes were absent-minded for a moment and a beautiful face appeared in his mind.

In a flash

Lin Wanwan looked at the screen and saw that all of the comments mentioned her being very cool. She smiled in satisfaction.

She looked around and didnt manage to find a rubbish bin. Suddenly, a slender arm reached out. "Give it to me."