Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 366

Chapter 366 I Want A Status

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Lin Wanwan placed the wet tissue in her hands into Lu Zhanbeis. "Help me throw it away."

After saying this, Lin Wanwan turned her head around again. When she read the comments, she was once again stunned.

"What the! Theres a man in Balls room?!"

"Somethings fishy! Quickly, tell us. Who is that man? Is it Tang Chen or Lu XX?"

"" Lin Wanwans face darkened and she stared fiercely at the culprit!

Lu Zhanbei! He must have done this deliberately!

This man wanted to seize this opportunity and make her admit that he was her boyfriend!

Facing Lin Wanwans glare, Lu Zhanbei shrugged his shoulders with an innocent look.

Considering that it was still broadcasting live, Lin Wanwan could only swallow it down.

A heated discussion was taking place in the comments section. She tried to pull back the topic a couple of times but failed. She was getting a headache over this when, suddenly, Ruan Baoer came running over and sat on her lap. She wrapped one hand around her neck and used the other to wave to the camera.

"Good evening, everyone. Im Lin Wanwans girlfriend."

These words were like a heavy bomb and caused another commotion.

Under Lin Wanwans gaze of condemnation, Ruan Baoer stuck out her tongue. She smiled in a cute and ditzy way. "Oh, I was just joking with everyone. Actually, the man just now and I are Balls friends and staff personnel. Today is her first live broadcast. Of course we have to be present!"

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan gave her a look of approval. Well done!

As a cute person, Ruan Baoers appearance attracted the curiosity and affection of many people.

She was quite talkative too, so it was difficult for any awkward silences to occur with her around.

Under her deliberate guidance, the topic very quickly became something she was good at, such as animation, cosplay, etc.

Seeing that Ruan Baoer was now displaying the cat outfit she was wearing to the audience, Lin Wanwans heart eased. She whispered in her ear, "Baoer, help me for a while."

"No problem!"

Lin Wanwan let her take her seat. Then, she walked up to Lu Zhanbei and said, "You come out with me."

Lu Zhanbei silently followed her footsteps.

After exiting the condominium, Lin Wanwan stood at the corridor with both her arms wrapped around her chest.

She did not have the time to start a revolt because Lu Zhanbei had already opened his mouth. "I admit I did that deliberately, but you should listen to my reasons first."

"Start talking!"

This man was taking things for granted more and more. Even if he were to say a lot of sweet words, she would not let him go so easily!

Lu Zhanbei looked at her without blinking. "Because Im jealous."

Lin Wanwan thought that it was ridiculous. "What are you jealous over?"

Lu Zhanbei stepped forward and hugged her lightly, not giving her the chance to struggle. "I dont like it when people mention you together with other men. I hope that every time someone mentions your love life, they would remember that Lu Zhanbei is your man. Lin Wanwan, I want to be openly by your side."


Lin Wanwan understood it now. He was jealous and wanted a status. "Actually, Im not as popular as you think I am."

Lu Zhanbei laughed lowly. "When someone is in love, even if the other party looks like a pig, he or she would be worried that the other party would be snatched away. You look much better than a pig, so you dont have to think lightly of yourself."

"" Go and die. Was he complimenting her or criticizing her?

Before Lin Wanwan could flare up, Lu Zhanbei rushed to give her a kiss on the forehead. "Ill come and find you again in two days."

Seeing his back view as he walked away with vigorous strides, Lin Wanwan gritted her teeth. She said viciously, "Lu Zhanbei, you wait and see!"

Based on such an attitude, he wanted her to agree to his pursuit? Wait for another eight hundred years!