Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 367

Chapter 367 Looks Like You Forgot All About That Famous Actress

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Lu Zhanbei left the condominium. As he got on the car, he received Tang Chens call.

"Lu XX, was it fun?"

Lu Zhanbei calmly refuted, "The invincible and ugliest man in the universe, is anything the matter?"

Tang Chen gave a tsk. A hint of darkness could be faintly detected from his seductive peach-shaped eyes, yet he said in a casual tone, "Nothing much. Just wanted to ask you a question."

"Ask ahead."

"Have you been pursuing Lin Wanwan recently?"


"Hows the progress?"

"Not bad."

The two of them were like old friends who have known each other for many years. They conversed in a fairly mild tone.

Until Tang Chen gave a smile without any clear meaning. "It looks like you have completely forgotten about that big actress and want to have a blissful marriage with Lin Wanwan. Should I congratulate you for finally coming out of the shadows youd been in since Lin Xiaos death?"

Instantly, Lu Zhanbeis face sank. After a long while, he said coldly, "None of your business!"

"Indeed, it has nothing to do with me." Tang Chen lighted up a cigarette then puffed twice. He continued to say slowly, "If you really like Lin Wanwan, I can compete with you fairly. However, if you dare to bully her because shes a fool, play with her feelings, or treat her as a substitute, then I cannot tolerate that. Once Im unhappy, you dont even need to wonder if you can lead a good life."

Lu Zhanbei directly ignored the threat of his words. "Tang Chen, youre not at a level to meddle with my business."

Tang Chen laughed in disdain. "You think Im happy to meddle with your affairs? Im warning you here. If you get together with Lin Wanwan one day, I will snatch her back using all means. However, if you dare break her heart one day, you will end up dead. The nonsense ends here. Bye~"

Lu Zhanbei threw the mobile away. His slender body leaned back, and he slowly closed his eyes.

Lin Xiao

He had to admit that ever since he confirmed his feelings for Lin Wanwan, he rarely thought of Lin Xiao anymore.

Unknowingly, Lin Wanwan had filled up the gap caused by Lin Xiaos death.

Lu Zhanbei rubbed his forehead and started the car.

After returning to Yun Mansion, he pushed open the study room door and walked to the front of a large bookcase. His slender finger fiddled with a bump at the corner of the bookcase.

The large bookcase parted in the middle. It slowly moved to both sides and finally revealed a hidden secret compartment.

He pressed down his fingerprint and the door opened with a slam. The interior was instantly bright and white.

The secret compartment was not big. However, it was filled with boxes of all sizes arranged in an orderly manner.

There was a photo frame with Lin Xiaos picture on the study table.

Lu Zhanbei slowly walked to the corner. He took out a CD from a clean and exquisite small box, put it into the CD player, and started to play it.

Lin Xiaos face appeared on the big LCD television on the wall. She was wearing a pretty but complicated historical costume. She had a jewel-filled bun on her head. One hand was fanning a slightly rustic looking fan while the other was throwing grapes into her mouth. Her smile was incredibly bright.

"Im sorry. I have quite a number of interviews recently. Ill just do these few first."

The reporters nodded again and again. "No problem. Its already a great honor for us that a big-shot actress is willing to agree to our interview!"

Lin Xiao was elated. "You know just what to say. Come, I will reward you with this plate of grapes. Lets chat while eating. Why does this have to be so serious? Just ask whatever you want to ask!"

Seeing Lin Xiaos smiling face, Lu Zhanbeis gaze subconsciously softened.