Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 368

Chapter 368 One Must Be Wholehearted When Liking Someone

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No wonder the people in the entertainment circle said that even though she looked like an edelweiss, her actions were more like a real mans.

"Can you share with us your plans for next year?"

"Film a movie, then eat, drink, and travel around the world."

"Ah? Just one movie? Your fans will surely protest!"

Lin Xiao started to fake cry. "Sobs. If I dont take a break, Ill die from overworking soon. I hope everyone understands. I have to provide for someone old, someone young, and a Husky who could die anytime."

Upon hearing this, the reporters laughed.

As Lu Zhanbei watched on, his lips started to curve too.

After asking questions about work, the reporters started to probe into Lin Xiaos relationship life.

"For relationships, let nature take its course! When fate comes, no one can stop it. I believe the god who unites people in marriage wont forget about me. Furthermore, I have a male pet, Si Dada, whos waiting for me to give him happiness anytime!"

Lin Xiao reached out and pointed. "Come, give this male god a special."

The camera lens turned. Si Han was sitting elegantly on the sofa, reading the script. He was dressed in a dark-colored suit. There was no expression at all on his handsome face. He had a sense of coldness that seemed to forbid anyone from getting close to him.

The proper male god of abstinence.

Sensing that the camera had swept over, he looked up and towards Lin Xiao. "You, come over."

"Coming!" Lin Xiao ran over crazily. As she walked to his side, she received a big hit on the head!

"What the"

Her conditioned reflexes led her to want to scold him back. She was even prepared to hit him back. However, upon thinking that she still had to maintain her image in public, she could only force herself to squeeze out a smile.

"Great artist manager, you have worked hard. Come with me to the lounge quickly. Ill give you a good massage!"

After saying this, she waved her hands towards the reporters. "Everyone, well end todays interview here. Lets meet again next time."

"Wait, I still have one last question!"

Lin Xiao had no choice but to stop. She nodded to signal the reporter to finish saying her words.

"You have now attained achievements in Xia countrys entertainment circle. It could be said that you have no predecessors. In the eyes of the fans, you seem to be omnipotent. You can be whoever you acted, and you could always solve any problem beautifully. So I wanted to ask you, is there anything youre worried about or afraid of?"

"Worried, afraid"

Lin Xiao was stunned. After that, she curved her lips and smiled. This smile was different from the usual bright smile but, instead, carried with it some melancholy.

"I fear most that all of you would forget about me if I disappear from this world one day. I wish that all of you could remember me forever. That way, it would prove that I didnt lead my life for nothing."

The image on the screen froze at this moment.

Lu Zhanbei stared at her smile and slowly lifted his hand to support his forehead.

"Xiaoxiao" He called out her name in a slightly hoarse voice. It was as if he was fully engulfed in the shadows, and there was a strong feeling of depression that overcame him.

He really used to think that he would always like only her forever.


Lin Wanwan unexpectedly appeared. She was like a hot sun that shone into his withering heart.

His vitality was reawakened, and that long-awaited palpitating heartbeat was brought about again.

He didnt know how he could like both women at the same time, but that was the truth and he could not argue otherwise.

However, this was unfair to Lin Wanwan.

One must be wholehearted when liking someone.

Tang Chen was right. He really should have made a decision.