Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 369

Chapter 369 Si Hans Anger

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Lu Zhanbei picked up a photo frame on the study table and stared at the beautiful woman who had a widely known smile.

He traced her facial features with his fingers that were rough with calluses. Reluctance and regret flashed past his controlled look, and they gradually changed to relief and resolution eventually.

"Sorry" He lightly placed the photo frame down. Although his voice was low, it was very clear. "Goodbye."

He understood very clearly that Lin Xiao was in his past and Lin Wanwan was his present and future.

This was not a difficult decision to make, as he had already leaned towards making a decision the day he decided to pursue Lin Wanwan.

Lu Zhanbei took out his mobile and dialed a number. "Si Han, its me."

Si Hans voice sounded with deep sleepiness. "Mr. Lu, I hope you can give me a good explanation for why you woke me up. If not, dont blame me for blacklisting you."

Lu Zhanbei didnt talk nonsense with him and went straight to the point. "I remember you have always wanted to buy back all the properties under Lin Xiaos name."

Hearing him mention Lin Xiaos name, Si Hans lazy tone was covered with a thin layer of gloom. "Thats right."

After Lin Xiao passed away, all the assets and stocks under her name were acquired by Lu Zhanbei. He had wanted to buy them back countless times but was always rejected.

It was also then that he realized that Lu Zhanbei liked Lin Xiao.

"Why? Do you want to sell them?" Si Han said casually, obviously not believing that Lu Zhanbei would sell them to him.


Lu Zhanbei looked at all the boxes in the room. These were all filled with things related to Lin Xiao. He had spent a lot of time and effort to collect them and had carefully preserved them until now.

"Also, Ill give you an additional gift. You should like it."

Hearing his affirmative answer, Si Han was stunned. His carefree look turned serious. "Youre serious?"

As he asked that, he realized he had asked a stupid question. Lu Zhanbei would not joke over this matter.

"Why did you suddenly change your mind?"

Lu Zhanbeis expression was calm. As usual, he was a man of few words. "Because I want to."

Si Han was silent for a short while. Then, he raised a sharp question. "Youre planning to forget her?"

Selling things that were related to her was equal to giving up the past.

"" Lu Zhanbei didnt answer, as if silence meant consent.


Si Han laughed coldly. It was a sarcastic smile that also carried with it some sadness.

"For these two years, I have seen Lin Xiaos fans start to forget about her one by one. There were fewer reports on her in the news as well. I was very frustrated. I initially thought that you would be like me, never forgetting her. Now, it looks like I have overestimated your feelings for her."

The hand that Lu Zhanbei was holding the mobile with tightened. He opened his lips but couldnt utter a single sound. He could only continue listening to Si Han.

"You know that what she feared most was to be forgotten."

After a long while, Lu Zhanbei opened his mouth. "I only have one heart and I want to fill it with only one person."

Si Han was silent for a short while. Then, he suddenly asked, "So, the person in your heart now is Lin Wanwan?"

When Lu Zhanbei brought Lin Wanwan to find him earlier, he had already lightly detected that the two had some magnetic fields between them.

"Yes," Lu Zhanbei answered without any hesitation.

Si Han laughed with ridicule. "Youre really interesting. I have brought up two artistes to date and you actually like both of them at the same time. Now, youve chosen to give up Lin Xiao for Lin Wanwan. If I bring up a third artiste, are you going to like her too?"