Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Kneel

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“Hm?” Lu Zhanbei frowned.

Although Lu Zhanbei had never expected Gu Mo to check on Lin Wanwan, as an all-around assistant, reading the boss’ mind was a fundamental skill.

“Today, Tang Chen went to Imperial Capital High School”

He briefly explained the story to Lu Zhanbei, then pouted, “This won’t be hidden from the Lin family.”


Lu Zhanbei gave a stiff grin, looking more distant than ever. The chilly aura seemed to set the entire room to a freezing point.

“Gu Mo, this is your first time making such mistake, so I’ll let it slip. But, remember, never try to speculate what I’m thinking. I’ll make it clear right now, Lin Wanwan is not important to me.”

Gu Mo turned pale. “Understood, I won’t let this happen again!”

Lu Zhanbei established a clear line. “Unless she requests for help, it’s none of my business.”


Lu Zhanbei pinched his brows together. He could feel the passage of rage traveling well within his veins. Shutting his eyes, he tried to calm himself.

“Postpone the meeting, I’m going out for a walk.”

Gu Mo did not dare to speak. Pulling the door open, he followed suit.

In recent years, Lu Zhanbei had been landing himself in a terrible mood more often. Gu Mo couldn’t tell why, so all he could do was give it his best guess.

Could it be he’s on his period?

Meanwhile, at the entrance to the Lin family

Lin Wanwan paid for her ride and rummaged in her handbag for her cell phone.

Switching it on, she realized she had a few missed calls from Lin Qinghao.

Eh? Did the sun rise from the west?

This scum dad would call her?

Lin Wanwan put on an obedient look and entered the house. Servants were exceptionally quiet, even those trimming the flowers were notably cautious with their movements.

Suspicion flashed through her mind, but she kept her composure.

When she got into the living room, the tension made her realize that something was very wrong.

Right in the center, Lin Qinghao, Lin Siqing, and Tao Xinyue sat in a row, like three supreme judges waiting to put her on trial.

Tao Xinyue and Lin Siqing were obviously gloating while anger radiated from Lin Qinghao.

Lin Wanwan snatched a glance at Lin Siqing, who was smirking sheepishly.

She guessed it.


Just as her fearful voice escaped,Bam!

Lin Qinghao shattered his teacup as if his long-suppressed wrath had finally found a tunnel of release.



Sorry about that.

Lin Wanwan would kneel to the god, the earth, and her bloodbound parents, but never in her life would she kneel before that new scumbag father.

It’s showtime!

“Father, did Wanwan make a mistake? Please tell me, Wanwan will be sure to change!”

Her face went faint all of a sudden; tears oozed out of her eyes. Seeing his daughter’s excruciated look, Lin Qinghao’s anger faded a little.

Tao Xinyue wouldn’t watch the tide turn. “You have the guts to ask what your mistake is? You are the Lin family’s second daughter, how can you be so shameless and find a sugar daddy? If this gets out, you are going to put our family to disgrace!”

Looking at Lin Qinghao’s expression getting displeased once again, Lin Wanwan seemed as if she was trembling in fear, lost and anxious.

“Sugar daddy? What is that?”

“Lin Wanwan, who was the one who fetched you from school? You better make it clear what your relationship is!” Lin Qinghao interrogated.

“So that’s what father was talking about”