Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 371

Chapter 371 Really Want To Tell Him Im Still Alive

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Upon reaching the winery, Lin Wanwan was about to knock on the door when the door was pulled open.

Seeing Lin Wanwan, Si Han frowned impatiently. "Why are you here again?"

Lin Wanwan realized that Si Han was dressed very formally today. He was a natural clothes hanger. He exuded male charm after wearing a suit, and he had paid meticulous attention to the collar and buttons. He was looking prim and proper.

However, he seemed to be surrounded by a thick layer of gloom, which made people feel depressed.

"Are you heading out? What are you doing?"

"So much nonsense. Could it be that you want to be my wife and check on me every day?"

"" Did this man eat explosives today?

Seeing her look of unhappiness, Si Han realized that his tone might have been too harsh. He rubbed his forehead and said, "Im in a hurry to transfer a few properties over. Whatever the matter is, wait for me to come back."

Only then did Lin Wanwan realize that there was a thick stack of paper in his hands. She could not help but lean over to take a peep.

It was a transfer of property ownership book.

The address of the transferred property was Minjiang Middle Road, No. 56 Villa.

Party A: Lu Zhanbei.

Lin Wanwan stared tongue-tied. Why was her asset in her previous life under Lu Zhanbeis name?

In a moment of panic, Lin Wanwan snatched all the contracts from Si Hans hands. She turned them over one by one and realized that all the properties in the transfer of ownership book were the ones she had acquired in her previous life. Now, they all belonged to Lu Zhanbei.

What was going on? Why did Lu Zhanbei buy her assets?

It could be said to be a coincidence if he bought just one asset. However, it was obviously intentional since he had bought all the assets.

"Give them over." While she was still in doubt, Si Han had already snatched back the stack of papers.

She could not ask about this in Lin Xiaos identity. She could only pretend to be curious and ask, "Lu Zhanbeis selling his properties? Hes selling so many in one go too. Is he bankrupt?"

Si Han gave her a side glance. "You can ask him yourself."

Lin Wanwan choked. "What about you? Buying so many properties. Do you want to keep them until they turn moldy?"

The year she died in her previous life, the property values in the Imperial Capital kept increasing. She had spare cash on her hands and, thus, decided to buy a few properties in prime locations, planning to sell them when the price increased again.

There was no fluctuation in Si Hans indifferent expression. However, that pair of good-looking eyes carried too much emotion.

It was as if a storm was brewing. On the surface, he looked calm. However, the invisible waves revealed that his heart was actually being torn apart fiercely.

After a long silence, he said in a low voice, "I just want to keep some memories."

Lu Zhanbei wanted to let go of the past because he met Lin Wanwan.

However, he couldnt do that.

He had known Lin Xiao for so many years. They had accompanied and supported each other from when she was nothing to when she reached her peak of glory. The relationship between them was so deep that it could not be measured by any words.

Capturing the pain that flashed past his eyes in an instant, Lin Wanwans heart tightened. "Si Han"

At this moment, she really wanted to tell him that she was still alive.

Si Han lost his composure for only a moment. Very quickly, he returned to his usual calm and restrained self. "Ill get going first. If theres anything, wait for me to come back."

Lin Wanwan reached out her hand to grab him but caught an empty space instead.

Si Han headed out in big strides. He suddenly stopped midway and turned back to look at her. His expression was unfathomable.

"As your artist manager, I have to care about your relationship life. Are you and Lu Zhanbei together?"

Lin Wanwans heart felt heavy. She wasnt in the mood to tell him in detail the situation between her and Lu Zhanbei. She shook her head. "That layer of relationship has not been completely breached."